A little help for the honeymooner, please

I have for the past week been constantly low. I have my basal down to .05 all day and I have suspended it totally for 4 to 6 hours a day. I feel like all I am doing is eating glucose tabs and jelly beans. I workout every day which hasn't been a problem until now. I can't get through my hour workout no matter if I temp, suspend, eat before, during, etc. I was dx on Sept 9th and I am on the omnipod and dexcom. I am half tempted to take off the pod and skip the basal all together and just bolus. Thoughts or suggestions please!

i have known people to do this so i wouldnt say its an issue IF your bs remains in control. My endo said some actually go off insulin completely for a little while. I know what you mean though, i too am honeymooning and have had to back off my lantus night dose from 10 units to 4. I wake up with readings of 5mmols now which is great. Before it would be low 4's. Especially if all your doing is sucking down jellybeans, then yeh, your too low. Trial it and see how you go.

Have you done any basal testing?

You should be able to fast (skip) meals without more than a 20-30 point swing in BG.

You will need to get your pump settings correct and learn how to manage your BG, then you can start with the activity.

You may only be able to go 20 min at first...just take baby steps and you will figure it out.

When you change your basal it takes 1.5 to 2 hours before the active insulin level has fully changed.

Your best solution before activity could be to increase your BG before starting the activity.

Do not stop your basal insulin without talking with your Doctor...JMHO

I had the same problem! I found that turning off the basal and just doing bolus, as you suggested, to work really well (obviously don't do this without consulting your endo). It kept my numbers in range and prevented me from constantly going low. As I started to see numbers a little higher, I added basal as needed.

I got the ok to stop my basal and only bolus. I had my first great workout since being dx! I had no basal in me 5 hours prior and no bolus 3 hours prior. I ate a mini Luna bar 30 minutes before and then as I started on the treadmill the dex showed me going straight up to 160. Then at 30 minutes into my run when disaster usually happens, the Dexcom showed me going straight down at 120, but i didn’t do anything about it to see if I would level out. Well I did at 40 minutes at 92 and I was able to do my full hour…yay! No lows after either…so excited!