A little nervous

I’m a little nervous starting on the tslim. I’m an experienced pumper. How big is the learning curve for filling the tubing? I’m afraid my fiasp won’t work in it. I need some positive responses. I am in Canada so I will only have basaliq.

It will take you no time at all. I am 79 years old and was on several Animas Pings before the t.slim x2. And it was a snap. I feel very comfortable working the pump. I still curse a blue streak sometimes when changing the cartridge but I understand why they have me do what I do. It makes it possible for the t.slim to BE slim. And it also keeps them from violating patents. BTW, Fiasp is supposed to work very well in the t.slim. I asked to change from Novolog to Fiasp but haven’t started using it yet. You’ll do fine!

Thankyou for your uplifting reply. I have read alot of people who didn’t have any problem with fiasp and the tslim. When I do the cartridge change I will look for every little champagne bubble so I don’t get any occlusion alarms. I was on animas pumps for 13 years before they went out of business. I guess I am more worried about the unknown. Please let me know how fiasp in the tslim worked for you.

I have seen some mention a mix of Fiasp and novolog worked better than just Fiasp, with tslim.

That would be a dilution of Fiasp. Fiasp is basically Novolog with b3 added to enhance its speed of action. I also heard people comment that they had to change cartridges a bit more often with Fiasp because of the greater chance of occlusions. I have no personal knowledge of this as I don’t use Fiasp yet, but I plan to soon. I hope a Fiasp user in t.slim x2 will speak up and give us a first-hand comment.

Yeah, that would be nice. I belong to the facebook group of Tslim users and I have read of some have no difficulty at all and others were getting occlusion alarms and their sites deteriorated quicker. I have no issues using fiasp. I only get a slight sting when I bolus. I like that sometimes because I am sure insulin is going in. I know I will like this pump. I am very excited to not have to push buttons anymore and I won’t have to look for my phone when I want to see what my sugar is doing. I will still have the data on my phone so I can see the 24 hour graph. It helps to tell me how well I stayed on target for the day. It may seem like a small reason but whatever makes our lives easier living with this condition.

I don’t use a cell phone but upload my pump information to t.connect every few days. I can then view all kinds of graphs and charts from both the t.slim as well as the Dex. This service is provided by Tandem and costs nothing.

I will do that eventually once I get started on this pump. Did you have to change your basals and carb ratio & ins alot? How long did it take you to get stabilized? I just don’t know what to expect. I am hoping that it will help to lessen the amount of times where I need to drink juice or eat carbs for a low.

Dee, Basal IQ took care of the lows. When I downloaded Control IQ, it did an even better job with the lows, especially the ones at night. What I have a problem with are the spikes. I guess I don’t eat low carb enough. I have been tweaking my basals and the sensitivity. My problem is that Control IQ, unlike Basal IQ, does not indicate duration of the IOB (insulin on board). And I think I tend to overdose a bit in order to bring down the spikes faster. That is why I wanted to switch to Fiasp, which works faster. This is all a work in progress.

I am scared that fiasp won’t work in my tslim. I hope and pray that it works. That is my only issue right now. I know some say there was no problem, and others have nothing but. I can’t image tandem’s tubing to be much different as opposed to medtronic’s tubing. It is so weird. I don’t have any skin problems with my infusionsets. I have read where some people get irritation from it. I am hoping that this pump will work with fiasp.

Have you asked tslim if fiasp is ok? Usually your cde will have you go through some training sessions with a tslim rep to help you learn how to use the pump. I had several since it was my first pump too. The pump has directions in it for each step which pop up as you do each step and there may be videos as well.

My date is set for June 26. I think if Fiasp gives me problems in the Tslim I will go to Novolog. I have read that Novolog is 5 minutes faster than Humolog. I was on humolog before I started pumping. I hated having to wait for my insulin to start working if I forgot to prebolus. I also want to be able to do a cartridge change every 6 days like I do now. I use about 60 units a week. I don’t have any problems with my sites deteriorating as I have read with others. I usually go the 3 days with no issues. I have my fingers crossed. I really want to use this pump so I will make it work even if I have to change insulins.

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My issues with Fiasp and tslim is loss of effectiveness below 50u on most cartridges. Haven’t had a problem with occlusions, pain or site irritation. Solved the problem by diluting 80/20 with Humalog (no access to Novolog). My working assumption is the added niacinimide and arginine in Fiasp makes it more viscous than Novolog and Humalog and that creates problems with tslim’s very unique pumping mechanism. No way to prove this. I just know dilution works for me. What baffles me is how so many people use it with no issue while others struggle.

Very anxious to try Lilly’s new Fiasp competitor - Lyumjev (terrible name). It’s a Lispro formulation with two additives - citrate and treprostinil.

Tslim is only approved for use with Humalog and Novolog. Last time I asked Tandem about Fiasp (6+ months ago) all they would tell me is I’m using it off-label so they can’t support it.

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Yeah, I will probably get my tslim next week. I really like fiasp but have resolved that if it doesn’t work for me in this pump I will probably switch to novolog. I have read that it is a bit faster than humalog. I used humalog prior to pumping 12 years ago. I am not too worried about the cartridge change process. I hope this system works for me.