A Poem for pessimistic diabetics

Laughter as Medicine

Type 1 diabetes is the perfect disease for
The terminally pessimistic
We always knew life wasn’t going to work out
In the end,
Our life’s philosophy was vindicated!
We shout,
“Told you so!”
And we laugh,
As we pick up our prescription for a drug
That keeps us alive,
At $350 a vial.
And we laugh,
As we inject insulin into our own body’s multiple times a day,
And draw blood to test our sugar even more often
And we laugh,
As our eyes stop seeing,
As our kidneys stop filtering,
As our nerves stop firing
And we laugh,
When we consider the eventual collapse of civilization,
And how we won’t have to deal with it
For too long.
And we laugh


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Thanks for great laugh!
Love this!

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