A Poem I Wrote A Few Months After 9/11/2001

A day of remembrance

A day of sorrow, a day of mourning, buildings went down, a country was torn.
Lives were lost in the blink of an eye, not having a clue they were about to die.
People in shock as they watched in silence. Just what had happened?
Why so much violence? A day of confusion, a day of fear.
No joy in this town, only volunteers.
What can I do? What can I say? I get down on my knees and as I pray.

How could these men invade a nation and disrupt our lives, how could they destroy our loved ones, our fathers, mothers, husbands and our wives. Could you ever imagine that such terror could occur in our precious land, how could the devil give such power to one ordinary man? Some woke up with the intention to just go to the workplace like every other day, how could our enemies destroy our lives in such a terrible way. A man sitting in his office looking at a picture of his two kids and his wife, who would’ve thought this, could be the end of his life. The lady sitting in the plane knowing that she would not see her loved ones until god comes to take his world, the fatherless young boy, the motherless young girl.

We are supposed to be a nation so safe, so strong, how could this happen, what kind of animal could create such wrong. We open our arms and welcome all nations, all religions, all beliefs, one and all. How does the widowed mother tell her child that daddy will never walk through that door, how could the widowed husband say that mommy wouldn’t be here to watch you grow. Every time I lay down to sleep I pray for those who were taken away and to tell them our nation will always care, but most of all I pray for the poor families that are still here. How do we wake up every morning and still pretend that everything is still the same, how could the devil bring us into his cruel game. We pray for the victims and the ones left behind, even though we moved on as a country we would always share your pain in our hearts. as I look out the window heavenward I see.

A sail of valor,
their ripples valiant,
stars and stripes
red, white and blue
over a bountiful unshadowed
land by wars’ stormy cloud
with bright streamers
singing glee above the
waters of the reflecting sea,
pays tribute to The Lady Of
Liberty, hails to freedom’s
lifted hand,

Salutes the American eagle,
As he spreads his wings, soars
majestic, for tis his echo
across the sky;
A sail vigilant, there is
a lighthouse shining down on
a country blessed,
a heritage through the years
grew, an uncommon valor did lead
the way,
Americans shall endure, to greet
another day.

But as pain and fear cover this planet,
a light flickers in the dark.
Humanity coming together, having the same creed.
Regardless of race, of status, and the color of their skin.
United to battle one enemy.
With one prayer and one hope.
Struggling to regain the freedom and peace, which once reigned;
working together to achieve this common dream;
Thus, I believe that in this fight against terrorism,
we all will win.

I Pray for those who’ve lost their lives, for the mothers, fathers, husbands and wives.
For those who risked their own life to save, my heart goes to you for being so brave.
A day of silence, yet together we stand. Helping our neighbor, lending a hand.
Let’s all pull together; Let’s all kneel and pray. And together we’ll make it through this
horrifying day. Now, stronger than ever our country will be.
America The home of the brave and the land of the free.

March 11th 2002