A question for feedback

i’m getting pretty good at BG control, such that anything over 125 is a disappointing surprise. HOWEVER, i find that when i am irritable in the irrational way that’s connected with bg, my number on any of my meters will be between 90 and 110, and most of those between 95 and 105. since the irritable range is the same as the perceived ideal, my question is WTF? i can and do often have these numbers without being irritable, and also have seldom (if ever- can’t be sure) been irritable at numbers lower, though i’ve often gotten down to the 80’s and occasionally the 70’s.
no really my question is does anyone else have a range that affects behavior that way? i would have thought lower numbers would have done it. i don’t want to succeed at bg only to end up unemployed or in prison.

I expect that when our brains are either inundated with sugar or deprived of sugar, our behaviours can be affected dramatically. I’m not sure what’s up though when it’s in the normal range, so I can’t really answer your WTF question lol. But what I do know is when I have a bg of less than 50, I’m uncooperative, and even ornery (or so I’ve been told). I guess some might describe as irritable, but certainly I’m not with it enough to do anything about it really. I do tend to get very irritable when really high (270+), and I’m easily frustrated, and will do things that I wouldn’t really describe as “me”, and not what I do when I’m in the normal range. It’s my signal that I’d better get off my duff and do something about it. Although I will admit that occasionally I’m just plain irritable, with no real excuse :wink:

Congratulations on your wonderful numbers.

If your BG has been high for a while, normal, ideal ranges can feel low with the accompanying irritability. The longer you remain in the target range, the better emotionally & physically you’ll feel as your body adjusts to being normal.

We can have lows & feel fine & lows that aren’t as low when we feel awful. I’ve felt horrible at 60 & fine at 40, so it’s variable.

I am making a theory on this one because I have the same thing happening to me. From what I read is that the body is trying to readjust to the lower numbers and at first it does not know how to deal with the lower glucose levels. For a while I would get cranky , confused, sweaty and disoriented when I hit anything below 90 and greater than 70. This would happen to me at work and during excercise. Then as time passed I stopped having the weird feeling of a low under normal numbers. This happend to me for about 3 months. Little by little I stopped over correcting back to 140 to 160 which used to be my normal to just 120 by taking lesss food or juice to correct. Today I can get down to 80’s and not get the weird feeling of low. So give it time, the issue may resolve itself as you start to get used to the normal numbers

We get used to the level of blood glucose. Diabetics that have been high for longer periods of time can start to feel uncomfortable and irritated at 140 mg/dL. If your warning signs go off between 95 and 105 this may be an indication that your mean blood glucose is still too high.

The mean value on your meter may not be very helpful because it does not represent the 24/7 BG development. Thus I would recommend to ask your doctor for 24 hours to some days of CGMS monitoring (out of pocket if necessary). The best take would be to have a black box so this will not influence your behaviour while the monitoring takes place. The collected data will reveal if your current control regime is good enough.

I tell my girlfriend that Im like Gene Hackman in “Enemy of the State” where he tells Will Smith “I get cranky, you know, I have Hypoglycemia”. I remind her of that scene when I get that way. She takes offense that I am getting cranky and thinks I am mad at her. That scene helps to calm the nerves but at times it hurts our relationship.

But yes… I get super irritable and as Jamie posted its that brain craving for carbs. Its like the smoker who carves nicotine I guess. The body doesnt need it but the brain says go for it.

For me I went to more smaller meals spread throughout the day. That helps me prevent that low feeling. I am now adjusting into the 90’s and 80’s better.

ok that all makes sense - thanks everyone it’s very helpful!

And just to add to what everyone said about not low numbers feeling low if you have been higher for awhile: If that is not the case for you than your irritability might have nothing to do with diabetes. I think we are all so focused on our blood sugar that our first thought if something is “off” physically or mentally is blood sugar numbers. I have had to remind myself more than once that there are other things that influence me, especially emotionally that may be completely unrelated to blood sugar.