A sad day for me

Well today certainly is a sad day for me.
I’ve said on this Forum its always ‘one day at a time’, with positivity, and our efforts to do our best.

Well today I had news that my close family friend for over 50 years, and a diabetic for that long (who had also miscarried twice (2 boys) in the 1960s due to her diabetes) had her leg amputated above the knee today.

Sure there’s a time for great attitudes, education, information, ‘chatting’, keeping positive, but when the dastardly effects of diabetes strike, its a sad day.

Yes, one day at a time, to beat this beast.

Oh my…so so sorry to hear this Michael. Indeed it is very sad. Normally I would say in these difficult times that things happens for a reason… but we are humans…positive as we are…we get disappointed, sad and scared when hearing these situations.
Sending prayers for your friend…

It hits all of us hard in the D-OC (diabetic online community) when we hear something like this. We all try our best to stay healthy, but I sometimes have those dreaded feelings of something one day slamming me hard like it has with your friend. I keep those thoughts tucked far away in the dark crevices of my sponge brain, but reading things like this brings them to the forefront. All we can do is keep on plodding along, and I’m sure your friend will too, as she sounds like a real trooper. Hoping for a speedy recovery for her!

All we can do is one day at a time, but somedays are really a lot worse than others. Sorry to hear about your friend and hope that the support of great people like you will help her through this!

50+ years with diabetes is (and I’m trying to put the positive spin on it) a great victory. Missing a limb sure beats being dead.

Just my two cents. I’m only 30 years in with T1. But I’ve known of lots of T1’s who didn’t even make it out of being a teenager, that’s how bad things can be.

I suppose taking one day at a time isn’t necessarily designed to stop bad things from happening. I’m sad to hear about your friend. It’s a horrible reminder of the darker side of this disease. It never seems fair and it isn’t ever fair. This is like a gut punch – even for people who don’t know your friend personally. Taking one day at time is sometimes the only way to deal with the unpleasant aspects of D. It makes it very hard to not become resentful that you can do everything in your power to avoid bad outcomes and still lose the battle while still fighting the war. This community I’ve found to be a great place for support and understanding. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend.

WOW! Such sad news! Yep I’ve decided that one day at a time is the only way to do it. I lost my cousin who was a Type 1 about 10 years ago. She had had both legs amputated, a kidney transplant and all but like 4 of her fingers gone. I promised myself that I would do better for her. Maybe that’s what you need to do too. I started with alot tighter control than I had had before. She took diabetes on the latter 50’s and Igot it in the early 70’s. She taught me so much in careing for myself.

It is very sad and i am sure very hard for your friend. I hope after they have had a a time to heal and grieve, they can fight on and see that still being here 50 years later is really a victory as Tim stated.

I am so sorry about it… sometimes i also get scared. Yesterday I went to the ophthalmologist and was affraid of having something on my eyes, like retinopathy, but Tks God everything is fine… i am doing my best and trying so hard to mantain the control, but sometimes we´re not in control… so I do my best and keep the faith… as you said: one day at a time! I agree with Teena, everything has a reason, and of course out of the situation things seens easier, but ive a friend she doenst have one leg and she is living life to the fullest… she is dating a guy which is in love with, she works for a good company… i mean… she´s moving on!!

I also feel sad for your friend. I can only imagine how she feels. After living for 50 years (I’ve lived 51 years) with D and for that to happy but hopefully if she’s down she won’t let it keep her there for long.

I’m sorry Michael. It’s a tough thing to have to handle when it’s a friend, but even tougher when you are the person it is happening to. It’s okay to be angry, disappointed, depressed and scared. Definitely okay. You just need to be her friend, be there for her in whatever her need might be, if only to sit there and be present with her. And in reality, it rather checks our reality, too. We can do everything right, and bad things might happen. We can do everything wrong, and good things come our way. It is just another reason to remain as healthy, as positive, as diligent as we can be, and remember to rely on the friends that come our way. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend.

So sorry to hear about this. You are right somedays are like that. I will keep you and your friend on my thoughts. Sending her a virtual hug.

So sorry to hear this, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend.

Thankyou everybody.

So my own mother was diagnosed 25 years ago, on oral meds for the first 10 years, and on shots for the last 15 years.

So 25 years on, she recently went to a ‘Diabetes Refresher’ course, and they evaluated her, head to toe, and the hospital told her she is doing just fine in all departments: blood vessels, kidneys eyes, etc. She is 75 years now. I’ve seen her lapse in her control on some days, but on most days, she is back on track. So, on the odd days where she falls off the bandwagon, i pray she gets back on track. And then, mostly she does again. That’s why I always say, ‘one day at a time’, because there is always that oppurtunity to get back on track, even after some bad days/weeks, etc.

But what is upsetting to me is that ‘card we are dealt’ in life, sometimes good, sometimes bad.
So with the diabetes card, it must be dealt with…

Thanks again everybody…

A sad day for all of us living with D. and let’s continue to do the best we can , day after day .
Hugs to all .

Michael what you call her bad days might just be her way of taking a vacation from D. I at times allow myself a day during the week when I take a vacation and do what I want…been living with T1 for 51 years.