A special lunch with a special guy

I just returned from a trip to California, primarily to visit with my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson. My husband and I try to get there at least 2 times a year. This time in addition to the family, my husband, Jim and I also had the opportunity to have lunch with Manny Hernandez. For those of you who do not know, Manny is the founder and “fearless” leader of the Diabetes
Hand Foundation, of which TuDiabetes is the social network we all belong to. The DHF office is in Berkeley and Jim and I were staying in Alameda which is about 25 minutes away. I had contacted Manny before we left on the trip to make sure he would be able to meet with us while we were there. Fortunately for us, Manny was free for lunch on July 18.
Jim and I drove up there (got a little lost on the way, thanks to Bing, don’t use them for directions) and found Manny outside of the office. We all decided on a salad lunch a couple of doors away, and ate in their rose garden behind the restaurant.( Check out the pictures on both the home page and my profile page.) Manny and I chatted about the Ning platform and the changes they made to the site, and how not everyone likes them. He said that he doesn’t have input into what NIng does on the site. We also talked about how in 3+ years TuD has over 20,000 members, most of whom keep coming back on a regular basis. We also spoke about the changes that will be coming to DHF and TuD shortly. I’ll let Manny tell you about them when he is ready. He is really an exciting personality to be with, his energy just flows as he speaks about TuD and EsTuD. I am so very glad we had the opportunity to meet this “special guy” and spend time with him. If any of you have a chance to get to Berkeley ( I know many of you live near there) I would suggest you contact Manny and chat with him. I am sure he would like to meet more of “the family.”

Now I’m jealous Cat!!! Manny is one great person. I’ve only talked to him via computer & phone but he just excudes such peace and honer and I love him to death. Like marie has said “Our little brother…” and that’s just how I think of him! I know I’ll never get much father than the phone or the computer when talking to him but the peace he gives me when I hear his voice is greatly appreicated. Glad you got to meat him! Now Dish! LOL!

Manny and Andreina are my heroes!

thank you for the warm welcome :)