A1C Below 6.0 without insulin or other meds? Introduce yourself!

People with Type 2 Diabetes who can offer insight of how to control diabetes with Diet and Exercise alone and maintain a 6.0 or less A1C. Extremely difficult to do over a period of time.

As of July 08…I did lower my A1c to 6.0% just with diet alone…come Dec 08 due for another test…hope it will be the same or better.

Did it for 4 years…but now on Metformin…would like to get back there again

Hi I am LADA 1.5 (we think) however I am on diet and exercise for now. I am doing a version of the Dr. Berenstein diet. I eat an apple or 1/2 of a sm. banana a day (although he said not to eat fruit). I also eat light activia yogurt or greek yogurt each day with nuts (which hs is also not a fan of) Very low carb, and I can stay under 120 most of the time. Dawn Phenomenon gets me in the morning randomly. For breakfast I eat same every day for months…eggbeater with 2% cheese sprinkled on it. Decaf coffee with real whip cream no carb. I go from 86 PP to 179 PP (most days in the 98-115 range) CRAZY.

Hi, I’m Type 2 diagnosed just over a year ago. Diet (am a vegetarian of 25 years+) and exercise. On Ramapril (sixth week) for High Blood Pressure.

Have tightened up my diet to be more GI/GL and my most recent HBA1c was 5.8.

Just saying hi.


Hi! I am a prediabetic who is determined never to reach the whole thing. lol. I was diagnosed two years ago with a bs of 126.I had nursed my wife through 20 years of type 2, so I knew the ropes. For her last three years I did all the cooking. We followed the South Beach Diet. In her last year she lost 100 lbs. In so doing, I learned the ideal weight loss diet., the poor cooks diet. Prepare good foods, serve small portions and cook so poorly nobody can eat very much. To this day I can’t stand my own cooking. Breakfast is good. A sliced banana, 130 grams of sliced strawberries, one cup of cereal, one-half cup of milk (I an lactose intolerant) and sweetened with Splenda. Lunch was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (heaping teaspoon of peanut butter, sugarfree allfruit jam on whole wheat bread) and dinner was 8 oz fruit yogurt and a can of Slimfast. It’s not always that bad, most days I give in and try to cook. The bottom line is I maintain a A1C of 5.5 with a bs higher than 126 about three times a month (Up from once a month a year ago) with diet and walking (two to five miles, six days a week). For exercise I walk two to five miles six days a week. To keep track of whether my controls a working, I log food, exercise, blood pressure 105/80, slightly high (I am hypertensive) and fasting bs 114 daily. I take medication for hypertension, none for diabetes. Maybe a bit weird, but it works for me and that’s the main thing. To keep up on the latest, I read everything I can find on the net, Diabetes Forecast (ADA) abd Diabetic Living magazines.

Did anyone here get flu shot??? I did and my BG numbers seem not to go under 100, and I am usually in the 110-140 range even a couple 150’s. I am not sure if this is a fluke or if the shot inspired an autoimmune reaction and killed some more beta cells??? Any thoughts or experiences?

I got the ordinary flu shot - hasn’t affected my BGs. Haven’t got the swine flu jab yet though.

Struggled to manage on diet and exercise alone. Mainly because I was not told/educated about diet or weight and although I read everything I could and self taught was only able to drop BG by 50% to 126 mg/dL (7 mmol/L). So was put on Metformin. And that has dropped it by another 18 mg/dL (1 mmol/L). So I am now working to see if weight drop will help but finding it hard to know how to achieve that as I am hopeless with knowing what to eat as so much conflicting advice around and the dietician who I saw for 20 mins was not much help either. Instead I am measuring my BG regularly to see what impacts BG the most and adjusting diet accordingly. Seeing what Robert Kaiser and Dawn are eating gives me useful info on how I can adjust my diet. Thanks. I am 6ft 1in and within my body mass weight but reading your regimes see that I can up my exercise from a 1 mile jog (which includes a steep hill at the end) to include another couple of miles power walking. Hay Ho… Must keep at it…

So are you till on Metformin?
Maybe you should try different foods and see what alters your bgs. Sometimes it is also very important the combination of various foods that can create havoc.

Just Dx’d in Jan 2011. Monitoring with Diet/Exercise only. I have started following a low carb diet 30-40 carbs per day. Morning BG has dropped from 146 to 90-120. So i guess low carb seems to be working but are there any long term problems with being on a low carb diet?. What type of diet other people follow in this group?

Proper food pyramid for everyone

I was diagnosed 4 years ago, A1C of 9.1. Three months later, following Dr. Bernstein’s diet, my A1C was 5.3. It has been between 4.9 and 5.3 for the past 3 years. I take no medication and get very little exercise because, despite my fairly low blood sugar, I’ve had diabetic complications with my feet and legs and do not walk well. I’d feel like a bogus diabetic except I pay my dues with the nasty feet and neuropathies. I eat between 30 and 60 carbs a day, have to watch calories as well though, I gain weight on more than 1400 of them a day. I’m very anal about what I eat. When I learned I really could control my blood sugar just with diet, I became an anti-carb evangelist. The other Type 2s at work (there are 3) are tired of my tsk tsking when they grab “just one donut,” and truthfully, low carb might not work as well for them as it does for me. But I think it’s definitely worth giving a serious try.

Congrats there Jan on achieving normal blood sugars.

I too can do this, have already done it, but the price to my wallet and lifestyle is too great.

His diet is awesome, but costs far too much due to my low income. I could only afford it for about 9 months till I went broke trying to afford to eat.

Insulin cured this for me. I can eat much cheaper and still have reasonable A1C’s.

Dr Bernstein’s diet WORKS, without a doubt. But it’s not something everyone will want to do. Or can afford.

PS I ate 2 donuts yesterday. First time in 6 months I ate something that bad. Next donut is due November 2011 LOL.

Note: a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich is much cheaper than a sirloin burger. Oatmeal is much cheaper than steak and eggs. And I get some of that needed fiber if you know what I mean.

Zolari, I am very fortunate to live in a rural area where vegetables are grown and sold at roadstand stands. Residents have free access to the fields. Almost all my carb comes from vegetables: green beans, spinach, zucchini, bell peppers. I also have my own hens, so I always have more eggs than I can use, even on a low carb diet. The third factor is that on 1400 calories a day, I can’t eat enough to cost much money anyway. We all just do what we have to do to survive, don’t we? It’s too bad health insurance covers insulin, but not food that would make its use unnecessary. I’ve never had to take insulin, is it expensive?

Another thing I like about Dr. B’s diet is low cholesterol (123) and BP. It keeps the doc off my back when I refuse the standard fare of medication he insists all diabetics have to take.

About the food cost: When was the last time you (or anyone else) could buy food at the grocery store that had only one serving? Even a can of soup has 2.5 servings. Unless I eat all of it, I throw out the remaining. Food cost is something I have to pay close attention to.

About insulin cost:
Yes, the analogs are very expensive. Generally between $225 and $300 for a box of 5. Regular insulin in a bottle costs $25 at walmart and a box of syringes is $14.
NPH is a bit more expensive though. Last time I bought some it cost around $50 I think.

I had the same results you did - ideal numbers and low blood pressure. With one exception - my cholesterol went down to 103, not under 100 (LDL).
My blood pressure went down to 80/48 - dangerously low according to my doctor. And I kept having problems eating enough calories in a day. I went to bed at one weight, and woke up 5 pounds lighter the next morning. I had to eat a whole bakery style cheesecake per day just to maintain my weight.
Then I got insulin. Most if not all my numbers returned to normal non diabetic ranges. Weight shot up. Gained 40 whopping pounds in 3 months.

If the weather would cooperate, I could reduce or eliminate the need for insulin by means of exercise. Just far too rainy this year.

Here in a few minutes, I will shoot some insulin, eat a bowl of cereal, then go outside and mow the lawn. Then go for a walk. I should be able to only dose 1/2 of what I did without the exercise.

I don’t mind taking the shots at all. It gives me a chance to eat real foods, like a piece of my wife’s birthday cake with ice cream last night.

I do get one enjoyment out of taking shots though.

When I am in a restaurant and see some FAT kids sucking down pop, shakes, 5 pounds of fries, etc, I make sure I get out the BIGGEST needle I have.
I prep up for a shot, making sure they see it. The horrid looks on their little faces is priceless when they see me act like it’s killing me in pain when I inject.
Then I look at them and say “see, you keep eating that junk, you get to do this soon too”

I know that sooner or later, if even one kid stops eating that cr@p, I may have saved them from a lifetime of health problems or possibly their life.

Think of the old TV show “Scared Straight”.

Initially, when I went on that all meat diet, I ate about 1,000 calories a day for the first 3 months or so. Then when my blood sugars and weight came down, I ate more meat. But for some reason I couldn’t stop the weight loss.

From what I gather, my 1st phase insulin release is very defective. And that may be the explanation as to why my numbers did what they did.

I had to live for treating my disease, to the exclusion of all else. This is not a life, it is an existence. That is how I got insulin. My spikes went crazy when the summertime heat arrived and I couldn’t keep my weight up.
They checked my meter to see if I was lying. They immediately gave me insulin, skipping the pills altogether.

It’s not hard to control the disease with diet and exercise alone. It’s just very time consuming and expensive. Cost more than the insulin does to maintain that control.

Jan, I never have eaten veggies with a scant few exceptions like corn, potatoes, yams, and sweet peas. I will never eat them. Severe food abuse issues when I was a young child that went on into my mid teens.

Also, females need about 1/3 to 1/2 the calories that an active male needs. 1400 calories per day is fairly cheap. 3,000 to 5,000 calories per day for an ‘outdoors’ type man is very expensive. I used to eat around 2,000 per day with my level of activity.

Thank you for sharing that, Zolar, it always amazes me how different we all are. I love your “shooting up” story, I have a really hard time keeping my mouth shut in situations like that. Your method is so much better.

Yes indeed we all are quite different, especially when it comes to diabetes.

Eventually, one child may take the hint and start being healthy. It can save their life one day. But in any case, kids will remember things, even if they blow it off.

Interestingly enough, the parents don’t say a word to me.

I did however have someone ask me to shoot up in the bathroom (different story). I asked them this " Would you want to eat your dinner next to the toilet?" Of course they said no. I asked why? They said because it’s full of germs and disgusting.

I asked them " well, would you want me to inject in a non sterile place like next to the toilet?" Or sometimes I would ask them " would you want your doctor to give you a shot right next to a public toilet?"

They turned around and walked away.

I would inject in my butt, but I don’t think that is legal in a public place (LOL).

Maybe have a tattoo that says “Kiss This” on my butt cheeks ?

Dunno. I can be creative sometimes…

Everyone thinks a low fat diet is the key to healthier living. Nope. Fat is your friend. Protein is your friend. Carbs, unless necessary for instant short term energy demands like a sprinter, are the enemy.

Here is a proper food pyramid, or mostly.


Ive been having low blood sugar and was taken off meds. however today i woke up with bs of 191…trying to figure out what i ate…from average of 120-130…hmmm

Hi, I’m new to this group, I was diagnosed with type 2 in 2004, I have been following the dash diet since then, my bg level was 257 and a1c 10.5 and was prescribed glyburide 6 mg per day, lost 150 lbs in year and a half, have kept it off for 6 years, my latest a1c test was 4.2, my fasting bg level is between 70-85, I also check regularly after large meals, usually they range from 89-107. I exercise 20 to 30 minutes 3 to 5 times a week alternating between a stationary bike and resistance training. For those not familiar with the dash diet, it was designed to lower blood pressure, I also had high blood pressure, it focuses on low sodium, low sugar, low fat, with a emphasis on fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, low fat diary and lean meats. I don’t eat anything made with white flour. I use very little sugar and I usually have between 300 to 400 grams of carb a day… It works for me but I know everyone is different and I believe everyone should find their own plan that works best for them.