Absorption Problems?

OK, I’ve had this issue more than once, but now I’m documenting it. My sugar has been low since the weekend, and no matter what I eat or drink or even suspend my pump, my sugar has hovered around 50.Has anyone else had this problem? I 've heard that some people have experienced their pump spurting out insulin, but not sure if this is the problem. I see my CDE on Monday, but would love to know what others have gone through with this type of problem
I’ve been type 1 since 1983 at age 11. Pumping since 2002, on CGMS since Januay 2008. A1C is 6.8.


Have you changed the site?
It certainly could be that you are right next to a blood vessel or something that’s causing the insulin to work so fast.

Honestly, my only absorption problems have been the reverse - I absolutely cannot place a site anywhere but my torso. Apparently all of my other body parts refuse insulin via pump all together.

Interesting, I never would have thought this way. I change sites tonight, so will see if there is a change.

Do your meter and your CGM both say “50?” Could be a problem with CGM sensor.

I don’t think I had this same problem exactly, but a week or so ago I was low VERY often. Not consistantly though; if I ate enough food (which I would finally binge) my blood sugar would go up, but spike! :frowning: My problem was that when I was low, I was low, ate food, still low, ate food, still low, until I binged. I talked to a nurse at my endo’s office and she said that it sounded like my stores of glycogen in my liver and muscles, which kick in when your blood sugar is low, were depleted from being low often, which led to my body not being able to come back from lows very well. I had been eating primarily low carb and for a few days I ate more carbs, fiddled with my basals rates and I haven’t had the same problem.

Whatever the initial cause of your low blood sugars are, there’s a pretty good chance that they lack of glycogen is just continuing the problem.

Hope this helps…

Yep, I always double check with a finger stick before starting treatment for a low, plus I was feeling low. My new symptoms include yawning and feeling like I just want to sleep, so imagine how this works out when school just kicked back up.

Thanks, Elizabeth. This sounds more on the right track, as I know about the depletion of glycogen as I used to do long distnce cycling. However,I never did get the spike. Tonight I finally had enough and pounded some cake icing. Guess what, I finally reached a high of 178 two hours later. Guess i’m finally reacting to food. I see my CDE on Monday and I also made some changes to my Bolus Wizard with the carb ratios and raised the carbs to insulin for breakfast and lunch. Tomorrow I’ll see if it makes a difference.

Thanks everyone for your help.