ACCU-CHEK Combo pump

Just received information on this pump. Does anyone have any feedback on it. I will be getting my pump in September and had decided on the Animas 2020 . I live in Ireland and we don’t have the ping available yet.

The Accu-chek Combo pump is actually only approved in the UK (not sure about the rest of Europe??) now. It is still not available in the USA.

Check out their UK website, click here. Although the Animas 2020 is a very good pump as well-- so I think that either is OK.

But you might want to see if you can get the Accu-chek Combo pump still. Looks great to me!!

It’s also rare that the new pump is available in Europe before the USA, I think!


Thank you very much for replying. I checked the UK website and the pump looks really interesting, very like the Animas Ping. Not sure what I will do. I think I will call Animas and ask when the Ping will be available in Ireland. Don’t want to wait though. I have been reading all the chat here about pumps and have learned a lot. We are lucky as the Government pay for everything we need if we are diabetic, so no insurance necessary.

Hi Colette!

Yes, I live in Hungary and I am in a similar situation. The government pays for 85% of the insulin pump costs (no worries about insurance or losing it), but there is a somewhat more limited selection of pumps. The PING was not available in Hungary either. Actually, only the Animas 1200 was available! That is why I chose Minimed 722. It was the most modern pump that was available here with government support.

The Combo is also approved and has just recently become available here in France. I’ve read some very positive reviews from users who’ve just got it. From what I’ve read the Accu Chek pump itself hasn’t really changed much from the “Spirit” pump, which has been available for a long time here - the big change is of course the connection with the new meter. I’m seriously considering this pump as a replacement for the Cozmo I currently have.

Great news Paul! I think it looks great as well. I just started on my Minimed pump last year… so hopefully the Combo will come to Hungary by the time I need a new pump in 3 years!

Good to hear something positive about the pump. I was with my diabetic nurse today and she showed me the pump and it looks good. I said I would take the Accu-Chek instead of the Animas so she will order it for me and it should be ready about middle of September. I will keep you posted on how I get on. Am a bit nervous but having read all the posts about pumping I am looking forward to it. I an 58 years old and only diagnosed 4 years. I thought only children and teenagers got type 1 so was shocked when I was told. It is in my family though, my grandmother and also my niece.

Wow Colette! That’s great that you will get this pump! I can’t wait to hear about it.

I HIGHLY recommend the book “Pumping Insulin” by John Walsh. It helped me SO much when I started on the pump!

I got the “Pumping Insulin” book and find it really helpful. I am going to buy another copy for my diabetic nurse as she had not heard of it.