Accucheck Aviva vs FreeStyle Lite! Insurance company is making me switch

So I got diagnosed with type 2 in July.

Went to town testing ALL the time! With a bit of metformin and a massive change of diet, an exercises bike and testing my blood A LOT, I was able to get my H1Ac down to 5.7! (it was over 9 in July) My doctor is happy and I am happy and am continuing to move forward!

But now my stupid insurance company says it won't cover the AccuCheck Aviva anymore. It is telling me that I need to use a FreeStyle lite if I want them to cover part of the cost of strips.

And I don't want to change meters! Mine is working!

They sent me a freestyle lite and I have compared it to the Aviva and the FreeStyle has read 20 points lower EVERY TIME!

I feel like I trust the Aviva (it has helped me to get this far) but I don't think I can afford the test strips without the help of insurance.

Anyone have any thoughts about the freestyle lite?

20 points seems like a VERY large difference to me...


Well, if it's consistent, then you can make the mental adjustment when you test. But my concern is whether it would be as consistent in the high or low ranges. Don't you HATE insurance companies practicing medicine without a license???? At any rate, do remember that what ANY meter says is just an estimate, and take any low symptoms seriously, regardless of what the meter says, and do whatever you need to to bring down highs. Monitoring how your body feels is really important.

And congratulations on your A1c achievement! That is stunning. Now I want you to keep up the good work! :-)

I only use the Freestyle with my OmniPod because its what the PDM has integrated in with it right now. I have very little difference when I went from my One Touch Ultra Mini to Freestyle. Though now OmniPod is talking of integrating from Freestyle to One Touch, which insurance wise will go from $55 a month for 300 strips to $20 a month for 300 strips.

They are trying it with my insulin pump supplies. I got my pump on my old insurance last year. At the beginning of the year it switched so now we are fighting with them about them not wanting to cover the supplies even though my doctor has sent a medical need of necessity and showed them the difference between my numbers on and off the pump. An extreme difference.

Thanks Natalie!

I want to keep up the good work. That is why this proposed change of testers is bothering me so much. If ain't broke you have to fix it is the way most insurance companies seem to think I guess.


I guess I will have to make the mental switch but I am going to press my insurance company to agree to pay for a bunch of free test strips so that I can really test the two devices against each other so that when I make the big change I will have adjusted mentally so I can stay on top of things. (that was a run on sentence!)

Thanks Megaminx!

I know that all meters are a bit of a crapshoot number wise. I just understand the Aviva numbers and how they relate to me.

I am sure most of the meters are all pretty decent. But I know how to manage things with the meter I have. Just because my insurance company wants kickback money from a certain company (and really what other reason is there for this type of mandated switch?) I shouldn't have to revamp my regiment which is working.