Ace Inhibitors

My dr. wants me to go on these to protect my kidneys. I have been reading up about the side effects and I really do not want to do this. Tell me, are you on these. Do you manage to cope with coughing and weeing all day long, sounds just horrid to me.

Well, there were studies that said they protected the kidneys, whether you had high blood pressure or not. I’m not on them, because I think they caused my coronary artery spasm in 1992. Some people do OK on them, and others have terrible side effects. So I guess you have to do what works for you!

Thanks for your replies, Natalie and Emmy. Very reluctantly I am going to agree to try them

I am currently taking them as my kidneys are leaking and my GP said it was the best thing to do. I havent really noticed any side effects but I take mine when I go to bed.

Thanks Emmy, it was a few years ago that I tried bp tablets so maybe the newer ones will have less side effects.

Nellie, good idea to take them at bedtime, thanks.