ACE Inhibitors

Are any of you on ACE inhibitors? If so which one and how have you reacted to it. Anyone know if we have to be on them which one causes less side effects short term and long term.

I take Benzepril HCL 10 mg. I started it when my microalbumin level was a bit elevated and in my next urinalysis it was back to normal. I have not noticed any side effects and I have taken for many years.

I am a true beliver in an ACE inhibitor, it helps your kidneys function better and I have been Type 1 for 43 years.

I also have been on ACE inhibitors (altace, diovan, ramipril, and now lisinopril) for as long as I can remember, maybe 25 years. I have no side effects, and my kidneys are doing pretty well too. Type 1 for 42 years.