Actor/Comedian Rick Ducommun dies at 62 - complications from diabetes

Actor/comedian Rick Ducommun best known for movies such as The Burbs, Die Hard and Groundhog Day passed away Thursday, June 12, 2015 at the age of 62. I just found this article this morning. I didn’t realize he had died, nor did I know he had diabetes.

I loved him in The Burbs. :smile:

Always sad when we lose one in our ranks. It’s especially sad when famous people keep their struggle to themselves until it’s too late, maybe because of not wanting to be thought of as sickly, or maybe just being very private people. I think reaching out to the public and acknowledging a disease or other challenge brings your fans closer to you, and helps you grow your following with others who share your challenges. I wish his family peace, sounds like he was well-loved.

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