Actual lifetime Seven+ transmitter


Does anyone have any real experience on how long a seven+ transmitter can work?

Mine was manufactured in March 2011, has been used since October 2011, is still working fine. Theoretically it should last only a few more months - but on the other hand, "theoretically" sensors should not work after expiration date...what is your real experience?

I am asking because CGM and sensors in my region of Italy are not covered by insurance, and here I am facing a dilemma: buying sensors for Seven+ in the hope that the transmitter can last, or buying the new G4? I know that eventually I will have to use the G4, but obviously I am trying to push forward the moment of buying it at my expenses.

BTW, G4 is terrible for people not covered by insurance: lifetime of the new transmitter is supposedly only 6 months!

Thanks a lot for your answers,

I have used the Dexcom CGMS going back to the Dexcom Seven. Since then I've had three Dexcom Seven+. In general I have found the transmitter lasts anywhere from 18-24 months. After that time the internal battery usually dies and it needs to be replaced.

I was dissapointed in the cash price for the new G4 transmitter (replacements)... But unofficially most users tend to get 9months out of the transmitter.. Still it almost doubles the startup price of Dex G4 with the additional transmitter per year at 600$

My Seven Plus system was a little over 2 1/2 years old when it started acting up-- a lot more dropped readings, out of range, error codes. I did not speak to tech support as I was going to start the ball rolling in getting a new system when they announced the release of Gen 4. The sales staff and local rep thought my transmitter battery was dying though.

I was told that transmitters typically last about 18 months by Dexcom. I know mine lasted a lot longer than typical.

Thank you very much Phil!

Thanks Diana for sharing would be really interesting to understand the reason why your transmitter lasted so long...did you wear sensors all the time?

Pretty much, except for an occasional break here and there. My receiver has also lasted that long. Now that I do believe has something to with I did not charge it overnight so did not overcharge it. Otherwise no clue.

My sensors usually only lasted 10 days though before they started throwing wonky numbers and ??? Etc and would shortly after that fail. That I figured was my body chemistry.