ADA Scientific Sessions for the Newbie

I was fortunate to be awarded a scholarship by the Diabetes Hands Foundation (DHF) to attend the 75th ADA Scientific Sessions held in Boston on June 5-9. This scholarship was one of a series of Diabetes Advocates Conference Scholarships awarded by DHF for advocates to attend a number of conferences and meetings this year and was made possible through the generous support of Abbott Diabetes Care, BI-Lilly Alliance, Dexcom, Janssen, Novo Nordisk, and Medtronic

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Thanks for your report. But it isn’t the medicalization of diabetes going on there. Its the selling out of medicine to industry profiteering.

The ADA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Big Pharma and has been over the 17 years I’ve followed diabetes. Those of us who have it are milked for charitable contributions and otherwise ignored.

I’d have loved an opportunity to meet other online PWD, but no way would I pay ADA for the privilege.

Sadly the other big get-togethers are all funded by drug companies who refuse to invite me even though I know for a fact several very prominent PWD have repeatedly suggested they do.

Very nice report. Looking forward to hearing more.

Brian, thank you so much for sharing your experiences at ADA. I look forward to reading more. Even though I was there, my days were taken up with meetings with DHF sponsors and potential sponsors. So I expect we will report on different things.