ADA tour de cure sponsorship needed

Hi everyone,
I am doing the ADA tour de cure in June in Cary NC. As you all know this is a bike ride to raise money to support ADA and their research. I am looking for sponsors if anyone is interested, I will post the link below that will allow you to sponsor me directly through the ADA.



By the way, if this is not allowed, someone let me know so i can take it down. I dont want to offend anyone!

I’m riding the Basking Ridge, NJ ride in June. My page is at (you can create the shorter link from your participant center). Are you registered to be a Red Rider? (This is a special designation for riders with diabetes; we get a special jersey to wear the day of the tour.)

You may also want to join the Red Riders group and the Cycling Diabetics group here on TuDiabetes.

Good luck on your first century ride! I’m going to be doing the half-century, my first half-century, to celebrate a half-century of life (it’s going to be my 50th birthday present to myself).

I do better finding my sponsors in the local area I am in. Contact the large ones that you know are financially sound - Walmart, grocery store chains, etc. People you know from work or your family’s work. If you talk to people in person you also get better results than a phone call or email too. Just some pointers that have worked for me. J