Adjusting omnipod settings

So I have been on the omnipod for about a year a a half now and I want to learn how to adjust my whole settings. I have been tinkering with with each item on the menu, and my blood sugars still seem to be on the higher side. Could someone explain to me how to adjust each setting and what it does. For example if I lower my basal settings from 1.20 to 1.15 what does that mean? I just want to make sure I’m doing everything correctly. My doctor doesn’t really explain it the best to me.,

Hi there. Lowering your basal setting for a period of time means that you will get less insulin delivered as your background insulin during that period.

I can tell you how I use that for my son. Caleb tends to be most insulin resistant in the morning, so his basal settings are the highest in the morning - about .70 per hour. This means he gets delivered 14 .05 unit pulses of insulin evenly throughout an hour. In the wee morning hours though (just after midnight) he is most sensitive to insulin and has a rate of .40 per hour. This means he gets 8 .05 units an hour in the defined period.

When Caleb goes through growth spurts, he needs greater basal overnight. The rule of thumb we’ve used successfully, and this may be different for you, is to adjust basal rates two hours prior to seeing a bg fluctuation. So if I see that Caleb’s blood sugar was going high at 2am consistently, I would increase his basal rate for the period of 12 am to 1 am.

Does that help, or did I miss the intent of your question?

no you explained it perfectly! thank you!

Great. :smile:

What’s the next setting you’d like to discuss?

Correction factor is the amount of points your blood sugar will drop per unit?
and the IC ration is the amount of carbs per insulin?

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You got it!

The last major one is Insulin Action, which tells the system how long insulin stays working in your system. For fast-acting insulins, which you are likely using, this is usually between 3.5 - 4.5 hours, but varies from person to person.