Advice on Basal Bolus

Hi there,

It appears from recent months that my basal and bolus doses are screwed as my sugars are all over the place :frowning:

I take Lantus once a day in the evening 25 units
I take Novorapid with my meals, current ICR is 2 units for 10g of Carbohydrate.

I am fairly sure my ICR is incorrect as is my bolus GAH.

I weigh 95kg or 210lbs, I am 190cm and my body fat is around 14%.

Can anyone advise how I can get this sorted? For example I have no idea how much one gram of carbohydrate raises my blood sugar, nor am I able to ascertain the impact of a unit of insulin on my blood sugar.

Any advice on these issues would really be appreciated. What would you be doing in my situation.