Advice, please

Now I see the point. Scar tissue can slow the digestion of insulin down. Due to the limited number of sites this can lead to absorption problems of the insulin itself.

So two conditions can develop with age: it can slow down digestion (spike comes later, less waiting time after the injection) and it can slow down the unfolding of the insulin action due to scar tissue (spike comes earlier, more waiting time needed). Well, hopefully they will neutralize themselves.

Can you get some insulin syringes that do allow for 1/2 units? You can always draw insulin from the insulin pen with a syringe.

Also, if your I:C is like 8:1, then you could eat 4g of carbs to offset the extra half unit. Just about perfect for a Dex4 tab. I actually use smarties, 6 g per roll, about 0.4 g per tab.

LOL, I totally didn't think of that. Yes, I could get ahold of syringes that would do that!