Who has higher blood sugars after two hours pp than before?

Is it because of low carb, and high fat and protein? Do you go ahead and have a snack if you’re hungry even though your BG isn’t down at your target rate after three or four hours? Do you bolus differently with the fast acting insulins when you eat low carb? I am a new type one, but am well advanced as I am making virtually no insulin. I think it was .5. My needs for insulin are changing rapidly and I have been trying to figure out how to adjust the Humalog I’ve been proscribed to the low carb and high fat diet. Thanks everyone, I’m learning a lot from you.

I do because I have gastroparesis (delayed stomach emptying). I can be normal or low two hours after eating & way high 4-5 hours, or longer, after.

Could be several things:

Not timing your bolus correctly. This takes a lot of trial & error & testing. You may need to take your bolus later because Humalog works very quickly. Are you low after two hours, or close to where you were before eating? My endo switched me to Regular insulin because rapid acting was too fast for me. It works slower & sticks around longer to help with the gastroparesis.

Like you said, the slower digestion of fats/protein.

You don’t bolus differently with low carb. Just a matter of finding the correct insulin:carb ratio & timing. Easier said than done!

If I’m hungry & BG isn’t at target, I take a correction to bring it down. Keep in mind how much insulin you may already have on board to prevent stacking insulin & going low. Humalog tends to stick around for about 4 hours depending on your chemistry. Likewise, if you take a correction, have a snack, you’ll have insulin circulating for your next meal. I pretty much don’t snack because it’s often too much trouble.