Advise on which pump to get

Hello, I have been an animas user for at least 15 years, and this is going to have to change soon. I live in France, where the choices we have for pumps are omnipod, Medtronic and roche. I have tried the omnipod and it just does not work for me. I have a fairely athetic live style, running 6 times a week and climbing at least 4 times. I basically need a pump that is sturdy and wont break down, while I am on a long run. I had tried a medtronic pump ages ago and I had trouble with the engine not being powerful enough to deliver the insulin. I wear confort short type catheters under the skin and I kept on getting alarms of no insulin being delivered, as I did not have that problem with a disetronic pump. So my first question is are the newer models of pumps by medtronic more powerful? Has any one tried and liked the pumps by Roche? They seem very sturdy and have very low basal (I am usually on 0,025u/hour on the animas) settings. I also have absolutely no use for all the stuff that nowaday pumps have, such as advice on the insulin needed for a lunch etc. Also, in France, we get the Libre, but not continuous reading, so that is not an issue at the moment. Any way thank you for any advise.

I’m a big 670G with CGM fan. I’ll bet this is the only pump available that will detect your BG going down during exercise and automatically stop delivering insulin (basil delivery). An hour before exercise you set a temporary target and keep that active during your activity and an hour after it. So a climb from noon to 15:00 you would set the temporary target for 5 hours. The target changes the Auto Mode target from keeping your blood glucose from 120 to 150 by the way. There are other benefits of this pump that you can read about here.

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