Advocacy of All Kinds is Important

So I believe we all need to keep our antennae up for opportunities to educate and advocate. I have read that Type 2s don’t do so much of this–often because our society attaches so much shame to weaknesses of the body—I fought this battle when first diagnosed, largely because of the era in which I was raised (and the region of the US, I think). But many of us have our very own deeply rooted versions of this. Type 2 is so often talked about in terms that imply having it is all your own stupid fault!

Anyway—we recently had a case in the news of a young man being tried for contempt of court after skipping jury duty because he was afraid of hypoglycemia and they wouldn’t let him bring a snack into the courtroom.

Now I am up for jury duty in mid October and while I don’t have his particular fear, I did have to get an extension because my first date was very soon after diagnoses and I was an emotional mess and probably would have either sobbed or raged all through any trial I was assigned to. I had no words to describe this to the court folks, but got the extension. It is my intention to supply the courts with some appropriate literature on the subject and do whatever I can to educate them. This is such an integral and important part of our democracy and with just a little adjustment is very doable for all of us.

I was thinking of something like Gretchen Becker’s First Year Living With…
A book that was very helpful to me. My guess is that in the court system, like in any big institution, knowledge will be spotty from place to place and depend on many things like does some one in the office have or know someone with diabetes.

I’m hoping some of you will have more suggestions. All the advocacy for cures and new technology is fine, but it’s not the only place we all live our lives. I’m very interested in all those “other” places we can change things for the better for all of us!..I’m wishing you all well!..Judith

I think I know what you’re relaying here. Many years ago (soon after the Americans with Disabilities Act) I had to file suit. Although I can’t discuss the details in depth, I can say that this act was a great start to protect our rights.

I did bring my case all the way to the trial stage, however, I had a low sugar while testifying. I was talked into settling out of court or face a mis-trial.

I do realize that many file false claims but mine was about a horrible injustice. Since that experience, I have noticed that most companies do follow the law. I also noticed that the family/medical leave act is also a great tool for alot of us.

I’m thankful for the thought process in these acts. Many people must have suffered needlessly before these acts were passed.