Afraid of Medicare

Not specifically to @terry10 yet:

Does anyone know how Omnipod is billed? It used to be Medicare didn’t cover it because it fell between the “devices” and “prescriptions” cracks, but Insulet did an end run by making it clearly a prescription item.

So at present the insulin (pre-Wyden I think) et al. cost depends on the precise billing requirement for Omnipods (I use O4, but O3 and O5 should be the same; O4 and O5 are identical mechanically, O3 is barely distinguishable to anyone but us.)

To people outside the US this conversation will sound utterly insane, or maybe inane, but it matters here; health care costs depend fundamentally on choices made by us. I don’t want to make the wrong one as I’m about to be eligible for healthcare.

@John_Bowler, my OmniPod Dash and insulin are covered by my Part D prescription plan, not Part B.

@John_Bowler Medicare classes Omnipod as a prescription to be covered under Part D only, because it’s a patch pump. Omnipod is not trying to change that. Because of that, the insulin you use in it will fall under Part D too.

So you have to find a Part D plan that covers Omnipod. You might make sure that your insulin you prefer is also on that formulary.

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I haven’t read all of these posts, but I have opinions about Medicare. My brother has Type 1 and I manage his healthcare. It’s not advantageous for someone with Diabetes to have an Advantage plan. It’s cheaper to have a supplement. Also, ask people about their experiences with different insurance plans
I don’t recommend Humana & Aetna. So far, Anthem has been the best.