After having the pump off

Do you need to do anything after having the pump off for an hour for sports, and then putting it back on. Does the pump just make up for all the Basal doses you missed or do you lose them? Is there something you need to do when you reconnect to reactivate the Basal doses?
Thank you, April

We did this today. I have read about a “super bolus” basically the understanding is to give yourself the amt of the basal you lost/did not get during activity or when you are disconnected. So today Willow wanted to disconnect for about an hour while playing in the back yard with the sprinkler. I gave her upfront as a “normal” bolus .050 (what she would have gotten basal over that hour) When she reconnected - we tested her bg and she was a great 158 had a snack, bolused and went on with her normal activity. Unless you suspend - the pump still will continue delivering - you just won’t be getting it.

Hope this helps

The pump does not make up for the time you have it disconnected or suspended. You have to make up for that. Sometimes when I’m getting ready for work in the morning I’ll disconnect, make coffee, shower and dress then hook back up. If that takes an hour, I bolus the amount missed during that hour. I suspend the pump during that period or it “leaks” insulin on my dresser. Only once did i forget to hook back and up and got half way to work before i realized it. sometimes it feels good to “disconnect” if only for an hour.

I used to “suspend” but got sick of hearing Fur Elise and having to confirm the suspend mode. So now I just use a temp basal of Zero for 1/2 an hour to an hour for when I shower in the morning. Before I do the temp, I will bolus for part of the missed amount. I don’t do a full bolus as sometimes I’ll reconnect in a shorter period of time than for what I had decided to turn the basal off. Does that make sense?

I am T2. When trained on my pump, I was told by my DE that I could go up to 1 hour off pump without covering the missing basal in advance, making sure to check BG once reconnected. Obviously this may not work for everyone, but has worked for me.