Air Travel

I’m going on a trip Nov 7th. What do I have to do to bring insulin/pump supplies/gel/glucagon, on the plane. Also, I like to carry a juice box in my purse, any way I will be able to take this on the plane?

the TSA website can help you. I took gluc tablets with me. I ran into a problem, they delayed breakfast on my flight for 30 mins so i had to eat a few til my breakfast was served. I ordered a diabetic meal with Delta. If your not sure call your airline to see what they allow. I know insulin, pump, and tablets are allowed, im not sure about gel though i cant remember.

I’ve traveled alot both MDI and pumping. I have never been asked about my supplies. I do not bring a juice box though. I do have a letter from my endo and copies of all my scripts.

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Be prepared with some glucose tabs just in case. You might get questioned about the gel. Sometimes they allow juice boxes through when explained it’s for a diabetic emergency & sometimes they don’t. No point wasting time & energy arguing about this.

Another good thing to bring along is extra meter batteries.