Airplanes, diabetes, and nut allergies

Recently, I went on cross country flight with a layover in Houston. During the flight, I went low. Now, I had snacks with me to keep my bg up, but when I landed I wanted to find decent food to eat. It was a debacle trying to find something I could eat that wouldn’t cause me to go high/low.

Background: I am technically a Type II. I rarely go low, but recently, I have had unprovoked lows. I am not on insulin. I take Metformin once daily.

From what I have read, most people would take nuts as a snack. Unfortunately, I am severely allergic to nuts. (Bring out the epi-pen kind of allergic).

So, I was wondering what would be a good snack/meal to take in light of TSA rules and the limited menus in the airport.

I always travel with Skittles. They are one carb each. Not a meal, but will help carry you over until you can find something decent! I’ve carried hard boiled eggs on planes, sugar free pudding in sealed containers,little packs of peanut butter that I ‘borrowed’ from a restaurant.

Have you ever had an issue carrying hard boiled eggs? I thought about bringing eggs, but I was worried they might get squished.

No I haven’t, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be an issue at another airport LOL. I wrap them in a paper towel,stick them in a ziploc and blow some air into the ziploc. I figure since I’ll be eating them in a few hours anyway it doesn’t matter if they get cracked.

Beef jerky. Slim jims. Cheese crackers. During your layover you can usually find a salad with grilled chicken.