Airport Security

Hi fellow Pumpers,

Can someone please help me with airport security measures. I recently refused a whole body scan and had to be searched right in front of everyone. The TSA person said "everyone goes through this scan, even pump users". He was very casual about it. I thought you could not expose the pump to any form of irradiation. What is the accepted procedure when wearing a pump?

I want to Thank all of your for your replies. You have all been very helpful. I will now close this discussion.

If you refuse the scanner , Yes you get a full pat down just sort of a cavity search. You can REQUEST it be done in private as they have an area at 3every airport where it is enclosed on frosted glass or a room of of the security area.

I have done both gone thru the devices as well as asked for the pat down and I don;t see any harm in doing what you feel you must do for your own security and comfort.

< TSA Rules Link >

"You have the right to request the pat-down be conducted in a private room and you have the right to have the pat-down witnessed by a person of your choice."

Put your pump on suspend and put it in a ziploc bag and in your carryon. After you go thru security take it out and put it back on, in the bathroom if you need to. That what I do with out any problems. I fly 8-10 time per year.

I have a friend whose child's pump was ruined by going through his baggage in the xray. I have heard that the body scanners if they use only millimeter wave are ok, but some of the devices I have heard use a combination of millimeter radio wave with xray. Here is what medtronic says--I would stick with what your pump manufacturer recommends:

Insulin Pumps, Personal CGM And Security
You can continue to wear your insulin pump or continuous glucose monitor (CGM) while going through common security systems such as an airport metal detector as it will not harm the device or trigger an alarm. Do not send the devices through the x-ray machine as an alternative
You need to remove your insulin pump and CGM (sensor and transmitter) while going through an airport body scanner. If you do not wish to remove your devices, you may request an alternative pat-down screening process
Notify security screeners that you have diabetes, that you are wearing an insulin pump and are carrying supplies with you

I wear a CGM and an insulin pump have had different experiences at every airport. In Detroit, I had to have a full pat down and they tested my pump for explosives. In Richmond, I went through the metal detector and they just tested my pump without the pat down. But it seems like the norm is the full pat down and they always offer a private room when they do it. I have heard lots of comments that people with pumps go through the full body scanners all the time, but I paid too much money for it and my health is too important to me to take the risk. Sometimes the TSA agents seem to get irritated, but I always insist on the pat down. The ADA and Medtronic both have tips for going through airport security, but personally I think you have to find the way that makes you the most comfortable. Just remember, you ALWAYS have the right to ask for a pat down rather than go through the body scanner whether you wear an insulin pump or not.