All the troubles of the world on my shoulders (or not)?

When I was at my early twenties I was diagnosed with Hashimoto' s disease (an autoimmune condition that occurs when the body attacks its own thyroid gland's cells). I got no treatment whatsoever,' cause the damn endos didn't know how to treat a diabetic with thyroid deficiency (two autoimmune conditions in one person! they are too much).

My diabetes was so brittle, I could drop and die.

So, the same good doctors ordered that my insulin treatment would be multiplied by 3! I gained 20 k in a few months, and the journey through diabetic bulemia started. I ate like a maniac and I could't think of anything else all day, I even dropped out of school 'cause I was too sick and too obese to keep up. I got seriously depressed, I thought I was a non-existant person. There was no point on living anymore, mainly because doctors, as well as my family were not supportive at all! They said they couldn't understand what was happening to me, that I was a brilliant gal, who was throwing her life away by binging, that I was a killer of my own self, a big disappointment, a bigger invalid person, and so on, and so forth...

When I turned 25 I started having diabetic neuropathy symptoms. I started with severe gastroparesis and soon painful limbs followed. Doctors got me no treatment as the thought it was the aftermath of my non- compliant behaviour.

When I turned 35 I discovered a painfull lump on my breast. As I have a family history of breast cancer, I got terrified, petrified and astonished, and went straight to get my first mamogram. Both breasts full of white shadows! Ultrasounds and core biopsy followed. I was cleared of cancer.But how can this be?

I have a rare diabetic complication called diabetic mastopathy and I have to learn to live with the pain and the fear for the unknown once again in my life. Without the help of doctors who know nothing of this condition, and my family who got so dazed and confused, they could't stand to look me in the eye. (Since last year 2 family members were diagnosed with cancer, so PLEASE don't forget to get tested!)

I guess all diabetics see a patern here! That I had to go through the worst to find myself and be more mature. Then why do I feel that other people don't care at all about me?

Since then, I lost all the excessive weight (well, almost), I've lowered my daily dosages, I found a doctor who treated my H disease with respect (got me on T4) and when a doctor doesn't know anything about my gastroparesis, neuropathy and mastopathy, well, I have to educate him!!!

Plus I found my best treatment for feeling blue - to be in love!

Hugs Lena…you left my mouth hanging there somewhere between Hashimoto’s and being brittle… but how you amazed me despite other health concerns. I feel much determination and strength from you…you’re remarkable!
I agree…love does conquer all =)


So sorry for your many struggles. You’re a strong woman to have come through this alone.

I also have Hashimoto’s, gastroparesis & mastopathy. I totally freaked about the mastopathy because doctors keep thinking it’s breast cancer. Admit that I don’t know much about this condition. I can’t feel my lump & it’s not painful.

You sound very strong and healthy now.

You are right, sometimes we walk the halls of hell before we find the heaven we are looking for. I am so sorry that you had to go through so much. But you are right, we have to educate the docs that know nothing or appear to know nothing. Even in the US we have to do that…much too often. I’ve created a notebook of me and my health issues…doc’s visits, meds, reactions, etc. And I take it to each and every appt I have…if I find articles about diabetes or arthritis of being overweight that apply to me, I make two copies, one for me and one for my docs.

I got a new meter last week and on the box it said “You are the expert on your diabetes. We are here to be a support for you”. How very true, we are our own specialists. Good for you!

And being in love, is icing on the cake, someone to walk through the halls with, is a great support and comfort.
I am so happy for you.

Hey there,
I have hashimotos and type1 diabetes as well. I also had a lump in my breast that i had biopsied and had to get taken out but it was a “radial scar” which could turn into cancer.luckily, it was benign.
You sound like you have gone through a lot and you are a very strong person.I also believe love conquers all :).I’m so glad you are doing better!