...the perfect snack!

I like smoked almonds, so it's one of my preferred afternoon snacks. Always knew they were low carb, so I've treated them as no carb because I only have 10-15 as as a snack.

Well, bothered to look on the package today to see what's the real scoop, and low and behold, 1 oz is a whopping 5 grams. Hhow many nuts is 1 oz? Twenty Eight. That's right -- 28!

So, one almond weighs about a gram, and contains 5/28 = 0.17g carb.

Yeah, I can pretty much ignore bolusing for 10

I love almonds and carry them in my purse as emergency snacks. I like to parboil some, peel their skins off w my fingers, and bake them at about 300 degrees F for an hour. Yum!