Alternative to statins

I am willing to try Repatha again even though it gave me hip pain. I am really hoping that it isn’t a bad pain.

Zetia gave me neuropathy so I stopped it and the neuropathy went away. I tried Rosuvastatin and that also caused neuropathy. I quit the statin and the neuropathy remained. Neuropathy is listed as a side effect for both drugs. I wish my physician would have warned me, but he didn’t realize neuropathy could be a side effect. I guess I should have read the fine print. Another doctor told me that neuropathy is a fairly common side effect.

My husband’s statin raised his A1c to almost a diabetic level.

I too am pro statins, but not all people can deal with the side effects. I think the side effects that people have to deal with are mostly unreported.

I get that— :slight_smile:

In this instance it’s a case of a new doctor wanting to do “their” things without knowing my history. They even assumed I was T2 and mis-ordered tests even after I said I was LADA and my records said I was LADA.

Went into DKA and would’ve died by just doing what doctors say to do. I’m much more cautious and question every new medicine they want to add.

I’ve never had cholesterol issues. I’ve always eaten mostly vegan or vegetarian for 50 years. And, since dropping the low carb/high meat diet, my LDLs are back to almost normal.

I feel doctors go through a diabetes list and just assign drugs without actually waiting to learn their patient… just my opinion.

I like this list because there are many different experiences.

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It appears to me that relationship between LDL cholesterol and hard outcomes (death or a CVD event like a heart attack) is an association or correlation, not causal.

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True, it may be a correlation rather than a direct causal relationship. There may be other effects of statins to affect outcomes. Maybe a “side effect”? :grinning:

Impossible to prove causality, but comparing groups with elevated LDL who have it lowered through treatment with statins versus no treatment, adverse outcomes are lessened.

So high LDLs are a risk factor that statins can impact.

So probably better to say that, although it’s more complicated to explain.

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Group outcome statistics are like mortality statistics they apply to numbers, not individuals. Adding risk factors is statistically unsound because they don’t all have equal weights. .

Statins have proven to be more advantageous for group medical insurers and pharmaceutical companies than for individual patients (we all will die anyway of something). :face_vomiting: :dizzy_face:

I just started taking Repatha, a PCSK9 inhibitor. So far I have no side effects. I can not take statins. I had high LDL which caused me to need two heart stents in 2010.

I have worked hard with exercising, eating a low fat whole food plant based diet, and I have had excellent diabetic control for the last 7 years. I have had non diabetic A1c’s for almost 20 yrs. I also take plant sterols/stanols. My LDL is now 68. I want to get it down to below 30. I trust the doctors and scientists who have explained the studies which show that statins and PCSK9 inhibitors are very helpful. With a very low LDL number, my chances of having a heart attack or stroke are greatly reduced. At 72, I am hoping to come close to living as long as my parents did. They both died at 89. I have had type 1 diabetes for 64 yrs.


12 days after starting Repatha, my total cholesterol is 117. HDL 68, Triglycerides 27, LDL 37.


Totally awesome numbers!!!

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The study I saw said that people with LDL’s of under 30 had almost no chance of having a heart attack or stroke. Since that is the cause of death for most people with diabetes, I feel pretty good about this.

I still have stenosis of the aortic valve and there is no chance of reversing that, but maybe the low numbers will keep it from getting worse. Eventually I will have the valve replaced.

The change of diet has also dropped my particle count down to the 700’s. It will be interesting to see what the count is with the addition of Repatha.

That sounds awesome. I’m waiting a little while before I’ll consider it. Letting some others be the lab rats. And I’ll consider in a year. I had such bad side effects from statins, I’m just a little afraid to try a new cholesterol lowering drug. My total is 145 and ldl is 53 on my last go round. Before I changed my diet I was seeing 180 for total so it’s bought me some time.
My doctor doesn’t want to order to other tests because my lipids are in range. This is good news tho for future


Repatha has been on the market since 2015. I have decided to not be worried about it. I am really hoping that I don’t have any worrisome side effects.

Timothy your LDL is already quite low. I think that waiting is a good idea for you. If I didn’t already have splints and plaque I would have waited too.


Came across this older post. Repatha did not work for me. Definitely brought down my LDL, but hurt my hip too much to continue taking it.

I get intense body cramps - start at the feet (should I stretch while sleeping) moving rapidly up my legs, cramping my hips and then my arms and torso. I have to somehow get out of bed, and then do old ballet dancer stretches to get things loosened up again. Finally my MD is going to Rx an alternative to statins.

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