Am i considered type 2 diabetic already?

i just had my blood tests post partum and i'm really sad with the results. For years i have impaired glucose tolerance, but now after 11 weeks after i had my baby this is the results of my ogtt, fbs and hba1c.

Fbs - 75
2 hour post 75gram glucose load (Ogtt) -263
Hba1c - 5.6%

With the failed ogtt, is it enough to diagnose me to have type 2 diabetes even if my fbs and hba1c are still normal? I'm really sad about the results, i'm still exclusively breastfeeding my 2 month old and have been craving a LOT of carbs lately.... My doctors appointment is next week, but i'm anxious if she'll diagnose me as type 2 with the result that i have

i have been on a low carb diet for weeks prior to the test, do you it may have contributed to my ogtt result being very poor?

and to the days prior to my blood test, i have been having lack of sleep, and the day of my blood test, i have had only 1 hour of sleep, do you think it contributed somehow to more elevated result of my 2 hour ogtt?

please help me. very devastated here. i'm almost quite sure my doctor will diagnose me in my next visit...

Glucose tolerance test tells you that you have impaired glucose tolerance. Fasting is almost moot cause it changes from min to min. The a1c can also be deceptive too cause you can be at 200 for 2 hrs and then 50 for 2 hrs and it averages to 125.
I think you can just adjust your carbs and increase start. I’m sure you doctor will have some ways to keep you off meds for now.

Your FBG is almost Low so its neither "Normal" nor Diabetes range
OGTT is Diabetes range
A1C is actually Pre-Diabetes (its 5.6+)

and sleep could effect your sugar but not by that much.

I wish I could tell you that this is just an anomaly, that it will go away and that you will never have to hear the words "you have diabetes." But, sadly, you have joined the millions of us with this diagnosis. I could give you all the reasons, that you have had IGT for years, that you had such a high blood sugar in your OGTT. But in your heart, I think you know this.

But this isn't the end of the world. You can deal with this. It will take some time and it will be hard to come to terms, but in the end, you can learn to take care of yourself and live a long, healthy and happy life. It is going to be ok and we will always be here to help you through it.

IMHO, that A1C is above 'normal' and in the diabetes neighborhood, but maybe there was some gestational diabetes stuff going on. Your body is still probably out a whack a bit with a newborn as well (sleep and breastfeeding), and was just under a lot of stress for a long time. Eating for 2 is putting more demands on your system and you probably aren't getting needed rest.

My guess is that you have some baby/birth fat which if lost will bring your insulin resistance down and help your numbers a lot. Generally agree with Timothy....adjust carbs and exercise for now.

I would get a good endocrinologist familiar with gestational diabetes (etc) through your OBGYN. You aren't pregnant, but they would have a lot of experience with pre-diabetic types who just gave birth.