Am I normal?

hi all,

Am I the only one who panics when I go low?
For the last 4 nights, at around 3.30am I wake up and know I’m laving a low. The feeling is so awful, it feels like I’m about to say hello to my maker. I panic because firstly I seem to go blind, I literally cant see anything! Secondly, I know that if I dont get something into my system, I’m going to go into a coma and I proceed to eat anything & everything I can find. This lasts for about 15 minutes when I start to feel half human again.

I then get all emotional and teary and go back to bed feeling like a fat pig and when I wake up a couple of hours later my levels have spiked to horrible levels, usually over 20mmol…

So is it just me, or does this happen to others?

It is scarey enough to have a low during the day but to wake up with one is the worst!! I try to keep something next to my bed…juice box or small can of soda just in case. This helps me keep to the 15 -15 rule…although you may want to keep 2 of everything if you are going really low. I would talk to your doctor about it too. After a low I always feel like a truck ran over me- tired and emotional. Don’t be so hard on yourself- night time lows are awful!

Debi, Let my reinforce what others have said.It sounds familiar. I use to experience similar episodes more often when I did extreme sports, marathons and triathalons. Yes, the urge is to feed the low monster. The trick is to not over feed it. It is difficult to do when your in a panic. I have lived alone for the past two years. I set my alarm clock for 3:30 am some nights. I always have a six ounce cup for juice or soy milk and a granola bar on the counter before bed. I have experience the lack of vision and mental fogginess. It sucks to be out of control. Be dilligent in your management and keep asking questions. Pat

I feel panic when low. It’s usually the first sign for me before the sweating, spots before my eyes & shakey feelings begin.

Hard not to devour everything in sight, but it’s important to correct lows properly. The swings from low to high aren’t good for your body. I have an extra meter & jelly beans on my nightstand to keep from raiding the fridge. Experiment to find out what your correction ratio is. The 15 rule doesn’t work for me & I’d be way high if I used this. One gram of sugar raises me 10 pts, so I use quick sugars that I can easily count when in the brain fog. It can take up to an hour for the full effect.

i guess 3:30 is the magic hour. I get lows around that time. I have been excercising a lot more lately between 8 and 10 pm. For the past month since the excercise routine kicked up I wake up with my pulse and blood pressure very high. I take high blood pressure meds and I thought that something was wrong. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest and had nasty cold sweats and my stomach would grumble. I check sugar and it would be low. So now I have a juice box and a piece of wheat bread in case i feel weird in the middle of the night. and a coke in the desk for severe lows. I read that adrenaline quicks in at night during lows and I guess I am going low around 3 or so. So now I just hit the juice box eat the bread, wait 15 minutes and pray pray pray then i try to get back to bed. So to answer your question, sure you are normal take care

Hi Debi. My advice is this. If you are having a low. Eat 15 carbs and stop eating any more. Check you BG after 15 minutes. If noe Ok take another 15 carbs. The worse thing you can do is to eat everything in the fridge until the feeling stops. Because after a low comes a high BG and you are on a roller coaster of high/lows. The problem is hormones that affect the liver causing it to produce glucose or not. While you body is under stress is when all these hormones kick in. Get under control. get this book if you are not using a pump called Using Insulin. If you are using a pump the book to get is Pumping Insulin by the same author. If you are having night time lows you are taking too much insulin. You have to learn all about the insulin you are taking to figure out why the lows. Once you understand you can soon figure out how to stop your lows. I have been a diabetic for 56 years and have been through it all. Dick Meade.

Eating 15 carbs doesn’t work for everyone. It depends how low you are & where you want to be as a target. After 15 minutes BG rises, but it also continues to rise for longer & people end up over-corrrecting because they don’t see the target number in 15 minutes.

hi deb… i hope things are better for you…i have the same problems so you are not alone. i think everyone with type 1 goes though this at some point and time. what i do is check bg before bed and anything lower than 150 im eating a 1 slice of bread with peanut butter (i hate peanut butter but it works lol) that willl get me though the night most of the time…if i wake up and its low i drink a little orange juice food in the middle of the night anymore tired of the spikes!!! take care Steve :slight_smile:

Hi Deb! Well, as you can see from all these posts, it does happen to LOTS of us. The low, then the panic, then the over-compensating. I’ve gotten much better on my corrections. I keep glucose tablets next to my bed. They sort of dissolve, so you can lay back down and hopefully get back to sleep. My doctor told me that I should do a middle-of-the-night bg test whenever I change or add a medication. I suppose that’s a good guide to go by,too, if you have an excessive amount of stress going on in your life. Every couple of nights, set the alarm for 2-2:30. (maybe you can catch it before it gets too low) Keeping a journal or log book helps you track trends of up and down. Maybe it’s what you’ve eaten during the day, that night… maybe it’s hormones or the liver doing whatever it feels like doing in the middle of the night. It’s just a day-to-day thing and an individual thing. My heart starts to pound and I feel very shaky and then sweaty and foggy. Try to track down the reason and nip it in the bud before it drags you down too far. You’re not alone and you’re not a bad person or a fat pig. The glucose tablets are delicious! Lots of flavors. Gels,too! I understand they get through your system the fastest. Bread’s actually gonna take a while.(grains slow down digestion so the carbs/sugar don’t relieve your low symptoms very quickly) The 15-15 rule is what I’ve heard,too. Eat 15 carbs (4 glucose tabs) wait 15 minutes and check your bg again. If it’s on it’s way up from where you were, you should be good to go. Come here often and ask all the questions you want. We’re in it together! Peace