Am I pre-diabetic or Type II?

As a doctor, I totally agree with DWQ. I do an A1C as a screen, and if 5.7-6.4, then I order a 2 hour 75 gram GTT to exclude early diabetes as opposed to prediabetes. It’s a new change this year to use A1C as a screening tool. Previously, a value over 5.9 was reported as “diabetic”. Incidentally, most of my patients in the prediabetic range fail the GTT and are reclassed as diabetic.

Thanks Doc. :smiley: I sure wish you were my doc. lol :slight_smile: I have great respect for Gyns. They seem to have a sixth sense, and catch a lot of things more often than regular docs. :slight_smile:

I was told that anything over 6.0 is diabetic (used to be anything under 7), my A1C at diagnosis was 6.1

No, actually the designation for diabetic is 6.5 and over. 6.1 is considered pre-diabetic. You’re actually confusing two things, when you say it “used to be anything under 7” that doesn’t refer to diagnosis but what doctors used to suggest as good goals for diabetics. Doctors have begun to have better expectations for what we can achieve.