Type 2 prediabetes?

Hi there

I’m not sure if this post belongs here or not, but it seems to fit. Please feel free to refer me to the correct topic if warranted!

Weird blood results last three draws, all about 6 months apart (listed in order). About a 12hr fast.

Fasting Glucose 108, A1c 5.3
Fasting Glucose 108, A1c 5.4
Fasting Glucose 109, A1c 5.4

Accordingly, the glucose puts me smack in the prediabetic range, but the A1c is confusing.

Me, tall/thin (BMI 22.5), age 48, exercise 4-5X week
Eat extremely well due to cholesterol…if cardboard were a fruit group, I’d be all over it…


I would not be worried about those numbers at all. They aren’t trending up which would suggest disease progression but instead are actually extremely stable which is a great sign.

Several studies have shown that your fasting blood sugars might be slightly elevated if you’re on a very low carb diet.

However, if you are still concerned and have the money to spare, buying a blood glucose monitor to test your blood sugar each morning and after meals wouldn’t be a terrible idea


I wouldn’t worry. Your numbers are not in the “prediabetes” range which is usually 5.7-6.4. And your fasting numbers are incredibly stable. I would take it off your plate of worries. Just keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy life!


Your numbers look fine to me, but my husband’s A1c is in the pre diabetes range because of the cholesterol meds that he is taking.

Sally7: cholesterol meds? Interesting, I too am on one of those. I had not heard of that effect before. Thank you!

Peep: lo-carb diet, yes, that’s me. It seems like I barely eat them, I have to in order to control of the LDL/triglyceride beast! Thank you!

I went and bought a blood glucose tester. Boy, is that ever fun (no). I wish the continual test devices were over the counter (and much much cheaper)… testing pre/post meal (1-1.5 hrs after eating)

So far I’m averaging “normal” range, though in the morning I average about 107. Which I think odd and interesting that number is about equivalent to my fasting numbers. I figured it would be higher than my fasting

Thank you so far for the thoughts. Hope to hear more