An introduction

I was diagnosed with this lovely disease at the age of seven (just for the record, I am a very sarcastic person). Upon being diagnosed, I was actually excited about having a disease. My feelings toward diabetes changed a bit after I became more knowledgeable about it. I was the perfect diabetic the first 3-4 years. Then I started to lie about my numbers to my parents and started to spiral out of control. I’ve endured hospitalizations and serious illness and saw the inside of three intensive care units in my nineteen years. Now I’m struggling with insulin manipulation, which is a living hell, and if anyone has any experience with this obsession, I would LOVE to talk to someone.

My family is a genetic nightmare. My parents both have autoimmune diseases (mom: hypothyroidism, dad: Addison’s) and therefore exposed all their offspring to autoimmune diseases. Of five children, three of us have diabetes. My sister was three when diagnosed; she is now thirteen. My brother was diagnosed last year at the age of ten. He was in a worldwide prevention trial study since he was about three. Our family knew he would eventually succumb to diabetes.

Other than diabetes, I love rock music(such as The Used, My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin and Seether), dance parties, What Not to Wear, trashy MTV/VH1 shows, Facebook, fashion (real fashion, not teeny-bopper stuff), the Twilight book series, text messages, Jodi Picoult, learning (cheesy, I know), taking (and looking at) pictures, and Diet Sunkist.