And did the New Year knock upon my door

As I sit here with my Angel and eldest daughter waiting for 2011 to come knocking on our front door it reminds me of many such nights in previous years,seeing the new year in with mom and dad then with my Angel and each of our 5 children as each one arrived by stork express then will all our kids as they grew up and finally grew wings and flew away,our nest has been so empty since they left and is in need of frsh twigs and material to build it new again,mo use to tell me not to look back waht has gone has gone but there is a secret place in my mind where all these precious memories are still kept and it is times like this that the key turns and I am back with mom and dad then with my Angel and then with our own family they say you cannot take anything with you when you finally go,I hope that is not true and although I have gone my kids will recall some of these times when they celebrate the coming in of a new year,we never die is my belief we live on in our kids ther kids until the line is finally broken and even then our thoughs and memories blend into the cosmos where it all began,we are sitting watching coraline on blue ray I would give anything to be standing there with mom and dad or my Angel on out first New Year or with our babies cuddled up in mom or dads warm hands,wishing the old year a fond farewell no matter what happened and asking the New Year to come into our house and be kind to us.

None of us knows waht lies ahead of us,and I guess that is the way it is supposed to be,we have had good years and bad years but they have been years and who are us to say if they were good or bad in the book of life a small smile can be as great as a good deed and we are not judged by what we have but how great our heart as been when called upon,it is never too late to wipe the slate in my case I will need a lot of rubbers as the year ends sorry to thoase I might have offended,to those who I should have hugged but never got around to it,to those I wished the ground would open up and swallow and to all those who really upset me I forgive you, but unlike our Lord turning the other cheek is something I need to practise on,to all those who have become my friends on line thanks a million to myself life is not always nice but waking up every morning is a blessing not to be treated like you do not care,despite the injections the tablets the hypos,the sickness and at times feeling like death warmed up,I still welcome the New Year with open arms.