Anger, frustration, Rage

For the most part I do well with dealing with my diabetes and health problems but every once in a while when I start to have problems with things, I start to feel a lot of anger, frustration, and rage. Today it was directed towards Eli Lilly for putting a drug on the market that causes diabetes. I ended up on the medication for 2 months and then within 2 weeks of going off of it I was diagnosed with blood sugar. Somehow my blood sugar was over 700 and I was still conscious but just barely. I was also feeling a lot of anger, etc towards Medicare as they won’t cover the insulin pump for me. I have been constantly having bad lows and my Doctor has said that the pump would help that and he would like me to go on it. But no, Medicare has to say my diabetes isn’t “bad” enough. It isn’t bad enough that I have neuropathy in my feet, bladder, and lungs. It isn’t bad enough that I will end u having a pacemaker put in to control my heart because of the diabetes, that I might lose my ability to walk and that I will probably end up having to learn to catheterize myself just so I can go urinate. Not to mention facing possibility of kidney damage and everything. I am only 30 years old and I have this to look forward to. And the insulin pump could help me gain tighter control of my blood sugar and help prevent further problems, but no my diabetes isn’t “bad” enough for that. Who are they to say that it isn’t bad enough, maybe if they had to live through what we did they would understand more.
Ok I am done venting, but really not feeling any better.

Cody, sometime venting is really important. I’m curious though–what drug did you take from Eli Lilly that caused the onset of diabetes?

I hate the loopholes in the coverage. Not “bad” enough? I hate that phrase anyway–having “bad” or “good” diabetes. WTF? I know it can be overwhelming to think of future complications, but I hope you can keep fighting the system and eventually win, with a pump and the life you deserve!

Cody, I just heard that you can get diabetes if your family doesn’t have it… I’m the only one in my family has Diabetes (Type 1). Now there’s two in my family that has Diabetes… My son and I… I know about health Insurance and what they will cover… I had to buy my insulin pump myself. My family gave me money to cover the down payment for the pump then I make 60.00 a month until it’s paid off… I didn’t want to go back to shots… Now my health insurance pays for my pump supplies after fighting with them… Good Luck! Have a GREAT Evening!

Cody I’m sorry you’re having a rough time. The talks we’ve had in the chatroom have shown me what a tough, persistant woman you are. I admire your strength and determination and wish you better days ahead.

I have a settlement coming from them so I am hoping with that I can get the insulin pump.

Hi Cody,
I spoke to Animas about getting you a pump. There are some options that they offered.Send me a message and i’ll reply with the details.