Animas Wiring

Where do you all put the wiring for the Animas? I just started using mine about 6 weeks ago…and usually clip it to my belt. Do you just tuck the wires inside your pants?

The infusion set tubing…? Yes pants pocket or in the beltline if im going business dress, but otherwise I let it hang.

Congrats on the new pump BTW

Thanks…that’s what I do but I heard some people tape it? I just let it hang…don’t really care who sees it :slight_smile: I love it by the way. Can’t imagine life before it.

Watch out with letting it hang all out though as thoose pesky door knobs just like to jump out and grab it.

tape it? Maybe they are referring to using a Tegaderm dressing or IV3000 dressing to help the site remain more secure? You can cut a hole out of the center of the dressing for the quick connect from the tubing and place it ocer the site in order for it to stay better. SOmetimes the adhesive starts to roll up, etc and this helps to prevent dislodgement?

Thats possible…I didnt mean literally all hang out :slight_smile: haha. I just meant I tuck it in my pants and some sticks out over the top…just didnt know what else to do

I do form a small bit of tubing 4-5" wort into an “S” pattern on the area by my insertion site. I then tape over it with Transpore Tape by 3M…If the pump happens to fall (or snag on a doorknob or oven handle) then it will tug that before ripping the site out. Then I dont have to worry as much if it snags.

Transpore Tape by 3M as I mentioned above is the best thing since sliced white bread for a pumping diabetic. I use it to keep everything from infusion sets in place to keeping my CGMS sensors taped down (IV 300 and Tegaderm peel up after a while) Look into it. Its very useful!

That’s what many of us do, I think, anyway.

I use some long and some short infusion sets so with the long ones I just drop some of the extra into my pants but if it’s a problem for anyone, they make a little deal that is like two buttons put together that you can wind the tubing around and lock it so it holds the extra and you don’t catch it on anything. I don’t use it but saw it on one of the supply sites. As for it getting caught and pulling out, I had problems in the beginning with all my sets not staying well. If I dropped the pump it was coming out, etc. I switched to Skin Tac and love it so much. That set is not coming out until I take it out and now no Tegaderm or tape or anything is necessary. Hope some of this helps.

I see your from TX too. I use Skin Tac like you, under the adhesive, but for CGMS its a bit diffrent. The way the Medtronic system sits on the body, you have to cover it, or rish ripping it out everytime your shirt or pants move…but for infusion stes, your right, the Skin Tac works wonders

I use a pump pack which I curl the tubing in with the pump but they are designed mostly for MM pumps.