Another Child was Diagnosed!

A friend of mine who is 19 years old and who was diagnosed when he was 5 years old, called me this morning to tell me that his 10 year old brother was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes last night! That scares me, because I already have one child who is diabetic…I can’t even imagine what this mother is going through! I do get my daughter screened for Diabetes. So far she doesn’t have the antibodies that carry it…BUT, she can develop it!
Please pray for Daniel…so far he is handling it like a trooper. And pray that Brad (19) will care for himself better…because Daniel is going to look up to Brad!
Thanks and God Bless,

:frowning: Always sad to hear!

Have they joined our TuDiabetes community! Brad and his mother might benefit from it. We have a group for parents and unfortunately several have multiple kids with D.

No they haven’t…her son is still in the hospital.

I talked to a woman at a bookstore yesterday who knows a woman with FOUR type 1s. I just can’t imagine.

Oh wow…I can’t either Melissa…one is hard enough…I can’t even imagine having to care for 4 with it! My prayers are with her…she must have the patience of Job to do that…WOW!

Hi Tina,
I wanted to introduce myself because I have just relocated to TN from Manhattan to continue work on my graduate/doctorate degree. I am a pediatric nurse and helping children and families with diabetes is my passion. I have had type 1 diabetes since the age of 18 months, (24 years) and have worn an insulin pump for sixteen. My schedule is very flexible and I have many "free" days this semester. I know how hard it was for my parents to find babysitters/caregivers for my when I was younger- particularly consistenly, overnight, or at the last minute. I just wanted to let you know that if there was/is anything I can help you with I am more than happy to because not only do I truly enjoy working with kids and families with diabetes, but is important for me to give back because I am thankful for all of the people who were willing to take care of me when I was younger.

I also would be more than happy to help with your friend's family who had an additional sibling diagnosed April 2009- I am sure that their parents could use a break once in awhile!

I hope you had a great holiday season and that whether you need help or not we can "talk" soon- my email is Even if you are not in need of anything now, I will always make myself available in am emergency, etc.