Another reason I love my metal infusion sets!

I just got back from Paris the other day! Spent a week seeing the sights and watching the US Women’s National soccer team win their first three games!
I was only there for a week, so I brought 4 site changes (double what I would need), along with extra bottle of insulin, test strips-never used any, and extra Victoza. I went to do my first site change three days in and couldn’t find my diabetes supply bag. I know it made it to Paris as it was in my carry on bag and I did pull it out. But I couldn’t find it. So, I did what any MacGyver person with diabetes does. You adapt. So I pulled the needle out & moved it to a different spot and taped it down and went on to our next sight seeing tour.
I did end up finding my magic bag, thank goodness (would have hated to lose a bottle of insulin). It fell behind a suitcase. But I could never have done that with a Teflon cannula.