Any low BMI LADA/Type 1 's w GI issues - how do you gain weight & maintain BG?

Late diagnosis w LADA (missed for years b/c my fasting was normal and it made my A1C under 5.6). Very thin female 5’10 118 pounds, w GI neuropathy. How do you gain weight if you have GI issues like gastroparesis/slow transit constipation?

I have like 30-40 carbs depending on meals. I do better w small well balanced meals, not much snacking. I feel unwell if have just a tiny small snack, like say nuts

Any tips? This journey can make me feel afraid of food. I head to diabetes management class in beg. Nov

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BS control is not correlated to weigh gain. To low basal rates (or to high) will result in need to consume sugar to offset low BS. Sugar is absorbed before it gets to the gut.

The danger is to consume too much food compensating with insulin. Also activity levels may decrease It’s like a teeter toner- easy to swing one way or the other. Good Luck. :+1:

Maybe try more protein and extra carbs too if you can. In liquid form? I lost weight recently at my father’s illness and death. I was about 110- 115 I think they told me which means I lost about 15 pounds. I started eating chocolate and gained it back. I’m about 125 now.

And now I’m weaning myself off because it’s too expensive and I think it’s over stimulating my heart. I’m curious to see if I will lose the weight again. I’m 5’ 3 so 100-115 was OK for me, but I did seem to be really too thin then and I feel a little better now. My cde mentioned it. It is often harder to control my BG when I am thinner.

So far from decreasing the chocolate I am not losing weight yet. I have been going for a lot more walks, almost every day, but not the past few days because I have too much work to do the next few days. It’s getting colder now so I don’t know if I’m going to be able to keep up the walks every day. I don’t want to get sick and I’m very sensitive to that.

I hope you figure out something that works. D & Insulin destroys your whole metabolism, sleeping pattern, and eating system I have found. I was in a big mess in 2016 with Gastro paresis like symptoms and ended up almost in DKA in the hospital for a day on fluid. After that I eliminated gluten even more by sterilizing my dishes, it helped the whole digestive situation that was going on. My blood sugar was crashing every time I ate and I was eating less and less carbs out of fear.

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Yep, editing works. Will do.

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I’m T1D, LADA, lifelong low BMI (6 feet 3 inches, 150 pounds). Low carb has controlled my blood sugars, but it’s really hard to keep weight on. No gastroparesis (yet), but I just re-read that section of Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution. Aside from prescription medication, he reports that many of his patients have gotten relief of some of the physical symptoms by chewing several Super Papaya Enzyme tablets during and after the end of each meal. He also recommends chewing a stick of gum after each meal - apparently the act of chewing will relax the pylorus valve.

He also recommends reducing insoluble fiber, as it might form a plug at the pylorus. So, instead of a green salad, have mashed broccoli. Similarly, moving high fiber to earlier meals, when you’re active as opposed to dinner, when you aren’t. He also feels that animal proteins can form a plug, and so recommends no more than 2 ounces of animal protein at dinner.

None of these recommendations are particularly helpful for gaining weight, but Dr Bernstein’s goal normal blood sugars, so take his advice with that in mind.