Any recs on peds endocrinologist in New Jersey?

Was hoping to get some recommendations from the community choosing a new peds endocrinologist in New Jersey. Thanks in advance.

Which area? For East Coast standards, pretty big state North to South.



The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) appears to be a reasonable distance from there. Maybe an hour driving depending on exactly where you are?

CHOP is one of the top US Nationally ranked Children’s Hospitals for Endocrinology.

Nothing wrong with going to the best.

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I would vote for CHOP

Ellen Oppenheimer at St. Barnabas Hospital, West Orange NJ (it’s been quite a few years but I thought she was excellent).

My experience with CHOP was that they were excellent for accute care, like when my son was diagnosed, but I wasn’t happy with their routine care service. I found the best pediatric endocrinologist is Dr. Laurissa Kashmer at Lehigh Valley Health Network. Going to her was worth the drive! We live in WA now and I haven’t found anyone I like as much as Dr. Kashmer.