ANY SUGGESTIONS? Or maybe I just needed to rant :-)

Ok, my BG is jumping more than ever after meals - over 175 for sure at the hour mark and ending up around 150's at the 2. So not the worst case ever but unacceptable - I'm getting back to feeling sick - like wanting to throw up - not after every meal but that feeling is back. I just want to figure out something before it gets worse - I was sick with the flu for 2 months last year (ya, that long) and I think I'm finally paying for it. Was going to call my doctor but as my mom said...'what do you expect to accomplish?' I can't answer that. I don't know...can't go on insulin...I'm not that bad off...don't want to go on other orals...they won't work...+ I'm not to fond of the idea. So where does that leave me? I could loose weight...ok...I could cut carbs more...ok. But both are stop gaps since I can't keep on loosing weight - either from higher carbs or lower carbs. Treadmill? To a degree...I could work out more.

FBS normal - the 80's, BMI normal, lipids normal - triglycerides are in the 70's. I'm on 500 met a day to help control this jumping - I take a regular and cut it for meals to help stop the glucose from being produced. My first phase is shot to h*ll.

So where do I go from here? I won't take Actos etc - I can't see how it and a like would help me and maybe it will be worse for me. I've cut carbs way back to see if that helps...only issue there...I start loosing weight. I don't care to look like a walking stick. (BMI 22.5 currently...and with cutting my carbs back I will go to BMI 21 again pretty fast).

I feel like I'm crying over this for no reason. But I also feel like I'm caught between what to do. Guess there is no good answer.

Sorry...kind of wanted to rant out my frustration with this disease. No easy solution.

I hear ya… it can be so frustrating having big jumps after meals, especially if maybe those same meals used to be okay in the past. It seems like you might need a me dosage adjustment, and perhaps, if you like, a muscle building exercise program. There are exercise programs for everything – not just weight loss, and one with muscle and body building would allow you build some solid weight, plus fight high blood sugars at the same time by not needing as much insulin. It’s not all lost, and I’m sure lots of people here will give you some ideas, and guidance… .hang on in there, friend.

Thanks! I guess the build bulk and maybe up the dose of met (I think I can only go up slightly with that - it made me really sick before on a higher dose - not the common side affects). Last time I tried the 1 hour a day work out program my A1c didn’t change at all (exactly the same as it was). Plus…when we were really busy with work and I was out and about more my A1c actually went up. My iron isn’t where it needs to be…endo said it’s bad on several points (low). Not crying…FRUSTRATED. I fit LADA almost exact except…I don’t have the antibodies - THANKFULLY.
No easy solutions…and my endo is a fortune…I don’t think she will tell me anything new anyway.
Thanks for being there!! :slight_smile:

Well, do you think you might be MODY? One feature of MODY-3 is secretion problems, namely not responding properly to carbs when you eat them. Jenny who writes and runs bloodsugar101 is MODY and found she had specific problems handling carbs. Her discussion of MODY is here and might be helpful. Some people have found that Byetta helps you respond better to meals, I don’t know whether you have tried Byetta, but it might be worth thinking about.

how often has this been happening? is the last couple days or weeks? what are you eating is it possible to add more protien in with to help lower the spike?

I know Jenny :slight_smile: I don’t think it’s MODY. We kind of ruled that out. It’s odd…only one older uncle with T2 and that was after years of stuff (including open heart surgery) but his sister who would be T2 in a heartbeat if you go by things…she is not. I have one brother who fits typical T2 in bloodwork. And two others who are just under being diagnosed D without the typical bloodwork or weight issues…except glucose being pre-d (my dad is the same). All are VERY active people. I also have a neg. reaction to gluten and I’m DQ8 (like T1’s are) Endo is considering me a Celiac without a full ‘proper’ diagnosis (which is fine with me - I fit Celiac’s on many points). I more of a…you have some autoimmune issues…but minor…but you are not T1 nor are you LADA. And now that my control has been breaking more…I’m at a loss.
Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

Last couple of weeks. 3 weeks ago I noticed my sleep was off - waking up tired again and a week ago I noticed I was getting the dry mouth again and feeling sick to my stomach after eating. My food selections are limited due to the celiacs and that I’ve had this problem since day one. Yes, I can do better slightly. I’m back to measuring things and no treats. Treats are very few but I guess they have to go. With doing so my weight will drop - that’s ok for a few pounds but not much more. When I was diagnosed…I wanted high insulin levels. That can be worked on…the endo did insulin levels during my OGTT. I’m insulin sensitive. Just my system doesn’t have a clue when I eat until it’s too late and I’m up to 200. (at least that’s what the OGTT showed)
I eat lots of nuts (mostly walnuts) but I have found Almond butter on the shelf at Neighborhood Market so I’ve been eating that by the spoonful.
Thanks…I do feel like I am crying over this. But I don’t know what else I can do…I eat the same thing nearly every day. Thanks!

Exercise can make a huge difference in how efficiently your body uses insulin. I am type 1 and on a pretty low carb diet. I had similar wild swings happen to me over the Christmas holiday. I walk a lot at my job; two or three short trips of 10 minutes to run errands every day. I also park my car away from my office so I can walk ten minutes in the morning and again at the end of the day. It adds up quickly.

I was off work for a week during the holidays and did not get nearly as much exercise while at home. My numbers were all over the place and meals that I know were once “safe” were giving me very erratic numbers, several hours after eating. I was really worried it was some sort of pending infection, but my teeth were okay and I didnt feel like I had a cold or the flu. Then I feared the worst and thought about my kidneys. But did the research and there is no way I am sick.

I’ve been back to work for two and a half weeks now and have resumed the walking. My numbers are much, much better. It has amazed me that several short walks during the day can make such a big difference.

On the weight loss note, I have gained a very much needed 30 pounds since starting insulin. ( I was very underweight and am at a normal weight now.) But I have noticed that my body needs more insulin to counter the increased mass. This has been a motivator in helping me stay at a good weight.

Good luck to you. It can be very frustrating, but is so lovely when it falls into place.

I think with being sick for so long that has really been hard. I was on antibiotics and an inhaler. It went to my lungs.
I agree with the increased mass… My body can’t carry weight at all and I think I need to get to the low reaches of normal weight instead of being in the middle.
I just feel as if I keep on playing another card and I’m running out of cards to play.
Glad you are feeling better!!

sorry another dumb question - but how’s your caffeine intake. I eat the same thing for breakfast everyday and today spiked at 165 two post meal. I think it may be attributable to extra coffee I had today. caffeine has been know to cause spikes for others. sorry I’m just guessing. good luck

Sorry for the frustration! Awful when you hit a wall trying everything.

I’m also thin. When I started low carb for better control, I lost weight that I couldn’t afford to lose. Hated being that thin, but didn’t want to add carbs to start that roller coaster again. Adding protein helped me gain what I needed to & maintain my weight. I slowly added more protein until I knew how it would effect me. Unflavored whey isolate protein powder,or hemp protein powder shakes with unsweetened almond milk & flavoring are great, filling & easy to digest. I actually felt better eating more protein, too.

Something to consider is that you may have gastroparesis. I hope not, but that sick feeling after eating is one symptom. The other symptom is highs many hours after eating, if this is what you mean by “my system doesn’t have a clue when I eat until it’s too late and I’m up to 200.” Gastroparesis is unpredictable. Sometimes the stomach empties normally & sometimes it doesn’t.

Why can’t you use insulin?

Hate to break it to you, but it sounds like rapid-acting insulin with meals is exactly what you need. FYI - just because you tested negative for T1 type autoantibodies doesn’t mean you’re T2 - especially if you’re so sensitive to insulin.

Insulin != failure. If it did, then all non-diabetics would be failing b/c they produce lots of their own insulin.

I eat quite a bit of protein. You can definately understand where I am at. ‘Too late’…is more like 20 min. after eating - just first phase stuff. I don’t think I have gastroparesis. I do think I have some damage from Celiacs that hasn’t totally healed (been gluten free for slightly over a year). After going gluten free, it was only a week and a half and I could tell I was doing so much better on carbs. I had many of the signs of Celiac for years - not the more horrible type that children get.
Endo won’t let me. She loves it when she can get T2’s off of insulin. I guess for many/some? people that would make sense. Also…I don’t think I’m to that point yet.

I don’t see insulin as a failure. Trust me on that one. When I was sick and had insulin in the refrig for the cat I nearly stuck it in me (this was 3 years ago). I see it as help and a better option than medication. Of all things the cat is diet controlled and has been for most of that 3 years. :slight_smile:
I would like to go on a rapid acting insulin for meals but not yet and I don’t think my endo will agree to it. I do think if I do some slight adjustments this time I can be ok again. I fit the T1 profile in many ways but I also fit a T2 profile in some ways also. Both can be argued and supported that it’s my issue on certain points. My thyroid has been having problems also but it doesn’t show any antibodies for hashi’s. The old antibody test for graves it does show antibodies but under the number for diagnosis - THANKFULLY. I do think we just don’t know enough about diabetes.
Thank you…I think what I needed to hear was some opinions and get this frustration out. I’ve let it brew for sometime.

Yep, I certainly understand. My friends who want to lose weight would roll their eyes, but I was too thin. Don’t know if you can be too rich, but you can definitely be too thin with bones sticking out.

Glad you don’t think it’s gastroparesis. It’s insult to injury. I have it & it’s impossible to know how to time insulin. Wonderful that you’re healing from celiac.

Many endos don’t seem to want to take the time to teach patients how to use insulin & the additional time it takes to adjust doses. Easier to prescribe pills & they’re cautious about hypoglycemia… It is a wonderful thing when T2s can leave injected insulin behind & control BG through diet & exercise, if this is the way for them. Meds have side-effects.

Just my two cents, but having BG near 200 means it’s time for your doctor to rethink her objection to insulin for you. Those highs are burning out your beta cells, in addition to other potential damage.

WOW on the coffee. I never knew that!. Caffeine…probably next to zero. I’ve never been a coffee drinker and I don’t drink tea either.

I have a friend with gastroparesis - NOT FUN!! And not easy.
I don’t know why my endo doesn’t like insulin. My FIL is on it (he doesn’t live nearby) and really for him it’s the best thing. He hasn’t lost the weight but he’s still around and in his late 70’s and has been on insulin for most of the time since his diagnosis in the early 90’s (he delayed his diagnosis for fear of being fired - at least that is what I think). My husband takes after his mother’s side of the family and his last blood work looked like a dream. Plus he doesn’t have the weight.
I agree with the diet and exercise - do it by all means. It didn’t do much for me. For me…getting rid of the infection worked (I’ve read many with Celiacs are found because they get infections). Then I broke down after a year with the endo and went on a small dose of Met. It does help somewhat - I’ve been on that for 1 1/2 year almost.
I’m going to take the lower carb road and see what happens for a few weeks. 80 seems to be the lowest I feel comfortable with.

No fun at all. I get very little sleep because dinner is the worst time. I’m up all night waiting for the high to hit, which is sometimes 6-7 hours after I eat. Thankful I don’t have the pain that usually accompanies it.

Infections sure do mess with BG. Interesting that this is how celiac is often diagnosed. My PCP has celiac & he didn’t diagnose himself for years. He thought he had cancer.

The celiac diet is hard enough without having to limit yourself more. I eat 30-35 carbs/day, but I’m a small person.

Would be interesting to find out why your endo objects to insulin. I’d object more to having high BG.

With Celiac…I didn’t read that about infections until the other week. They also say average to diagnosis is 5? years from start of going to doctors about having problems.
In my case…I had family members with ‘weak’ stomachs so I didn’t think anything of it. It was part of my life. Oddly that part of it went away when the infection got bad and has never returned. How different my life is without having to figure out where I will be approx 1/2 hour after a meal or less! HA. Kind of HA.
I don’t know how you do 30-35 a day!! 80 seems to be my low. I’m 5’8" and 148 lbs.
She only smiled with a sense of accomplishment and told me she has got so many T2’s off of insulin. Maybe because she was able to help them with control issues? She would offer another T2 drug to me if my system doesn’t settle down. So far it’s a little better now I’m being better about the carbs.

I have been in the same boat as you. I hate oral meds and would rather be on insulin. When the metformin stops working I am going to insulin. No more meds, I refuse to deal with the stomach issues.

Now going back to the issue at hand. I was getting the same issue as you with big spikes after meals. So what I do now these days is test all the time to see the impact of food. I have found certain foods that prevent the spikes. Again everyone is different so a lot of trial and error. Plus I used to take 2 500 metformins a day one with breakfast and one with lunch. After a while they brought things to normal level but eventually I started to tank at night and in the middle of the day. So i switched the way I eat. I went to small meals but more frequently. I eat every 2 hours but small portions to equal below 2000 calories a day. If I can have smaller meals they carry me to the next two hours.

I increased my bike riding and rode at least 3 days a week consistantly. Now this change did take a while. It has been a year in the making and I am starting to see normal levels and I have not lost a lot of weight. Love to drop 20 lbs but for now the weight that I am on now is keeping me level.

Consistent excercise and checking has allowed me to correct the weird spikes but it is still a work in progress

take care