Anyone ever had blood go back in the pen?

It happened to me on the other night and I did not know what to do… I was scared that I ruined the pen… After speaking to my doctor He said that all I needed to do was expel the blood from the pen to make sure I am getting my full dose of insulin…They said it happens all the time… Would I not have encountered this sooner…



I’ve never had this happen but I always keep the plunger pushed in until I remove the pen. Thanks for the info though; glad to hear the insulin will be ok and now I know how to handle the situation if it does occur. It has probably not happened before because maybe you have never really hit a bleeder…

The droplet of blood came in after I depressed the plunger on the pen (I was told once I give my self the shot count to 5 before removing the needle to make sure that the dose was delivered …

Did you prime the pen first? I’ve hit some serious bleeders before , but as of yet haven’t had blood
enter the pen.

Yes … with 2 units and I saw at least 3 droplets come out …

I haven’t had this happen, but it’s nice to know I don’t have to panic when it does. :slight_smile:

I had this happen when I was taking the Novolog 70/30 mix, it was after the injection when I was removing and just emulsified with the mix, I had used about 75% of the pen and wasn’t sure if the rest was contaminated so I threw it out.
I use Levemir and Novolog now and hasn’t happened again.

How did you expel the blood from the pen? Or did you? I just had this happen to me last night and I was curious what to do as well.

The blood seemed to float toward the top and I kept tapping the pen until it was at the top and expelled units until it was no longer evident (like 2 or 3 units)