Anyone get comments about eating the right food?

I was overweight for years. Now, 'thanks to' my newly-diagnosed insulin-dependent diabetes, I have lost 40 pounds just by doing what I have to do in order to live - eating low carb. By all accounts I look great, I have energy, etc. (I also have a problem digesting carbs, because of the Whipple operation, so by not eating carbs I feel a whole lot better).
The problem is my family (mother, mother-in-law, sister...) "Watch out that you don't become anorexic", "What about essential carbohydrates?" "how can you be getting all the nutrition you need without eating fruits". Funny that I never got so many comments when I was overweight -- then I was obviously eating a much less healthful diet than I am now. What is their problem?
Oh, another comment that really throws me "Did you discuss it with a dietician?" (Yes, the dietician from hell, who told me the reason my BG is high is because I'm not eating enough carbs).
Even when I try to remind them that I don't have a pancreas that knows how to deal with sugar, I don't get the sympathy I would expect. Are they in denial?
Anyone experience this?

People everywhere are amateur dietitians and CDEs. I have found that politely asking them when they became a registered dietitian or a CDE, they tend to back off. If they keep pestering me, I tell them that my control is good and my doc and medical team are happy. Why aren't they? You have to be a bit aggressive (but you can do it politely) and many folks will then leave you alone. Not everyone though, so don't hold your breath.


Yes & is it very annoying! I got the same unsolicited comments when I was vegetarian.

Congratulations on the weight loss. Amazing that the same people can see us eat junk & not say a word.

I've gone from "Thanks for your concern. I'm the healthiest I've ever been & feel great" to icy stares followed by "I don't discuss what I eat." If they persist, I just repeat, "I don't discuss what I eat." Stops the conversation cold.

Love your former dietician. Interesting theory that not enough carbs causes high BG:) Haven't heard that one, but been down the LC brain starving road with doctors & a CDE. My reply to them, "Oh, really? Have you heard of gluconeogenesis."

I think some people resent those who eat healthy, even if they love us. I got that a lot eating lots of vegetables as a vegetarian. It must make them feel guilty eating crap. Misery loves company.

Just eat the right foods,based on whomever you are talking to, adjust your entire life based on the company you keep. Try that or just try this little thing that I do:

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS !!!!! :) It feels better too

As a long-time type 1, I have been subjected to my fair share of comments about what I'm eating. These comments include (but are not limited to):

  • Can you eat that?
  • Are you allowed to eat that?
  • Doesn't that have sugar in it? Diabetics aren't allowed to have sugar.
  • If you eat cinnamon/cabbage/whatever you won't need insulin anymore!
  • I've heard that the paleo diet cures diabetes. You should try that so you don't have to take insulin anymore.
  • We are having cake, but since you're diabetic, you can have these carrot sticks instead.

"Diabetes" is a term that is thrown around way too loosely in our society. So many people think that just because they read some article online about "diabetes," they know everything there is to know about the condition. Many people are also amateur dieticians, and love to throw around dietary advice. I understand that sometimes these comments are well-meaning, but they sting and make me often feel self-conscious.

Whenever I encounter any of these comments, I do one of two things. If I think the person is receptive to it, I provide education about what type 1 diabetes is and how I have to manage it. I do my best to restrict my comments to type 1 diabetes, which is the condition I live with. I try to give a little historical context about how, years ago, T1s had to maintain a more strict diet because the insulins we had were not as effective, but now, with pumps and fast-acting insulins, many of us find that we can eat a less restrictive diet. I explain how my pump works, and how there are many variables (exercise, stress, activity level, hormones, etc) that I must consider along with food and insulin to keep my blood sugar as close to normal as possible.

If I don't feel like rattling off this long explanation or if I feel that someone is just not going to be receptive, I may ignore their question completely and change the subject (which is actually quite effective because it does a good job of conveying that a certain topic is off limits) or give a snarky response, depending on my mood.

I do my best to believe the person is trying ot be heapful and does not mean anything by it, but sometimes that is impossible. I would likely handle your situation with a bunch of big words and complex ideas that will hopefully convey to your family that you are completely in charge of the situation. like,“My insulin to Carb ratio for lunch is 15 so add up my LC bread 17 carbs, meat 2 carbs and carrots 6 carbs means I am ingesting 25 carbs. (consider throwing in a deduction for fiber if you really want to impress). Thus I will need 1 and 2/3rd units of insulin. By the way I have heard of essential mineral like vitamin C and essential ammino acids (phenylalamine) that human bodies cannot create, but I have never heard of and essential carbohydrate, what is that?”

Thera are armchair dieticians everywhere and the bad part is that I not met a real dietician that I agree with in over 15 years.

Not a chance. Not allowed. Under any circumstances.

I struggle enough and do not need to explain anything to the uninformed!

I never have to deal with comments like that I'm the head of household, the alpha male, and a diabetes Aficionado in my family's eyes...they ask me for advise, why would they question my actions?...there clueless and stay out of my way and I have never expected sympathy from anyone, my brother and I are insulin dependent our parents, wife's, and children do not have diabetes we are the only ones. They are very concerned about our health and if they say something that does not apply...why should I get annoyed they love me...;-)


I have very strong opinions about this. No one knows anything about YOUR diabetes but YOU. I am differant from you and you are different from me, as is every other diabetic. Our lives are controlled by our individual bodies and how we react to everything: weather, travel, stress..the list goes on. NO need to explain.

And to be very blunt--it is none of their beeswax if they are not educated and diabetic.

That was harsh, but after 50 years, it helps me deal.

Your story is the same as mine. I too have lost 40 pounds since becoming insulin dependant and I too lost the weight because I'm only doing what is necessary diet wise to control my BS while on insulin. Being insulin resistant T2 I have to control carbs or I will be taking mega-doses of insulin.

I get the comments also about my weight or lack of. They mainly are comments that I have lost too much and need to regain some. Currently my weight is perfect for my height so I'm not about regain for them.

Maybe I'm taking these comments differently and consider them almost as compliments. I'm only four months at my ideal weight, so who knows I might get tired of it after a while.