Anyone switch from minimed?

Hi Tracy, can you please tell a bit more? What don't you like about the Paradigm and what type will the new one be?

I have never had any issues with my Paradigm, does its job. It's only the Enlite CGM that's driving me nuts. And, when I was given the pump, a glucometer was delivered with it which could send all readings over RF to the pump. That thing was a disaster and I only used it for about a week. For example, you check your sugar and the glucometer displays 90, but it send 70 to the pump. I went quickly back to me Accucheck, which I have been using for about 12 years now. I trust Roche, and they have a great Customer service.

Hi George! I started on the Ping yesterday, I haven't done my training yet but my minimed was a disaster the last 2 weeks. I had to do boluses for food and use the pump only for basal. The day the recall on reservoirs came out I notified Medtronic I had only reservoirs affected. One week later I still had not heard from them so I checked the website and found that they were asking for lot numbers. I had 5 that were not affected but still had leaking and bubbles. Medtronic said I was not filling correctly. (After 4 years I wasn't doing it right?) A week after that I received replacement reservoirs the same day I received my new Animas, I tried those and STILL had leaking and air bubbles and even worse HIGH BG!My Doc agreed with injecting for meals and frequent testing to get through the weekend and felt like the pump had definitely suffered damage from the leaking(She gave me a script for Lantus and pen needles, but this is mortgage week and really didn't want to spend the $50 to get them filled)

I liked the fact that the Paradigm had less button pushing, I hated the sensor because it was rarely accurate and I had issues at the end with Bad Sensors after a day and a half. I feel like it was just done, I actually wouldn't suggest anyone waiting long past the warranty ending to get a new pump. My warranty ended in April and in June I started having issues with the sensor and higher BG from food if I bolused from the pump.

Also, The paradigm is not waterproof and one of the (4) times I needed a replacement was due to wearing it in my Bra and a little moisture collected and froze the buttons (That was a great get out of work free card though!)