Anyone using or tried using Dexcom G4 outside of the US?


I recently moved to Hong Kong (Asia) and currently on a loaner of the Medtronic Guardian but the results is very inaccurate, sometimes it’s off by a few hundred percent. the alerts are consistently coming up and it’s always WRONG.

I’ve been doing some reading and the feedback on the Dexcom G4 seems to be really good. I am currently pregnant and have tried to Medtronic Veo (just using the CGM not the pump) but the device cost almost $8,000 USD here. A bit of an overkil for just the CGM part.

Wanted to get the dexcom as it’s cheaper and I plan to use it only during the pregnancy and first few months afterwards.

Has anyone used the device outside of the US? The Dexcom website said their CGM is not approved for pregnancy use because their studies didn’t include pregnant women but since i’m only using the CGM, i think it’s okay to use it for monitoring.

Appreciate any feedback on the above.

Merry Christmas All!


Not outside the U.S., but I don't get your question. What difference would it make where you are on the planet regarding using the G4? As long as you can get the supplies for it, you should be fine. And, many pregnant women use the Dex. The company can't provide data on how it acts with frequent hormonal changes, etc. Research projects omitted women from drug studies for many years but the docs still prescribed the studied heart meds to women. Now research must include a representative sample as one part of a robust study. Maybe that will occur with cgm some day.
Would suggest you follow the Dexcom group here on Tudiabetes as well as the sixuntilme blog. You will need help from time to time from other users. Also, I don't know if there is a pregnancy group on here but there probably is. Just search for it.

Hey Neil,

Thanks for the suggestions. I asked the question because the lady at Medtronic Hong Kong office told me that their CGMS has some frequency settings and if I bought their device in UK for example, it might not work in HK. The "frequency settings" on their machine between US and HK are the same.

it's more a technical question which I'm awaiting for a response from Dexcom.

Not sure why frequency is any issue. The receiver speaks to the transmitter, as long as they are compatible then they will talk to each other. They do not communicate with any other devices other than via USB which is not country specific.

Hi QQ,

Did you end up using Dexcom in Hong Kong? I recently moved to HK from the US and have been using a Dexcom CGM for the past few years. Dexcom sensors are the only thing I can't get locally here in HK. To ship the sensors to HK is seemingly complex (having to deem the shipment medication or medical supplies looks to trigger obstacles with HK customs). If you were able to ship Dexcom supplies into HK, what steps did you have to go through to do so? Perhaps I am over-thinking this and these items pass through customs without issue?

Thanks in advance for your help.