Anyone watching Indycar 2017?

Hi Everyone!

Are there any Indycar Fans in the forum??? I was a huge Charlie Kimball fan even before my diagnosis. Now there’s Charlie and Conor Daly in the lineup! Both are T1D! Thought I’d start a Topic for this year’s season! Who’s your favorite??? Anyone go to the races any favorite tracks?

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I haven´t been able to see anything. Do you have a suggestion for us to watch from other countries? :smiley: Im a huge fan of Kimball too…

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Come join us in Indianapolis in about 1 1./2 months the drives are very accessible and the racecourse is awesome. Last year both Mr. Kimball and Mr. Dalay were interviewed by TUDiabetes. Well worth looking up in the back catalog.

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Hi Mariana! I’m thinking the best way to watch from other country may be to see it on ESPN international on one of the ESPN channels in Latin American Countries except Brazil. Unsure about the rest of the world. There is also an Indycar channel on YouTube. There are some fun Charlie videos there!

Awww! I wish!!! Indy is a bucket list item for me…and I’m so glad they added the road course race! I did watch the interviews with the Indycar drivers…I was the one who asked Conor about his dad and hanging on to his hollyhocks! :slight_smile: You’re right, drivers are super accessible on race weekends and being at the races are so fun…donyoi have any other favorite tracks???

Indianapolis? I might just do that, been so curious… I have not met Charlie in person, that would be a thing right? :slight_smile:

we would love to have you visit Indianapolis and the month of May is a great time to visit. Last year the speedway sold out, 350,000 plus and an all weekend party. one way to listen is to tune into the speedway internet network. I personally love to listen to the race on the radio. I personally think it is the best way to catch the excitement.

Big news this morning in the Indianapolis Star, Conor Daly (t1 Indy car driver) will be on American Ninja Warrior. Tear it up Conor.