Apidra and Animas Vibe occlusions?

Hi friends,

I think I’m having occlusions in my Vibe with Apidra. My blood sugar tends to drift up slowly over a few hours and then when I correct, it crashes downward. My instinct says that the basal doses are getting “stuck” in the cannula and a larger bolus dose clears out the cannula… But also gives the missed basal insulin stuck in the cannula.

Has anyone had similar problems with Apidra?

I have used Apidra in the past and now I am on Novolog. I do not believe it is an Insulin issue, it seems to me that you need to adjust your correction bolus, lower the amount of insulin compared to the BG reading.

Also, another factor is the insulin on board, usually it takes around 4 hours (Maybe it is 2 for Apidra) for the insulin to completely be consumed by the body!

How do you like the Vibe? I am considering switching to it from Medtronic Paradigm.

I haven't seen exactly the effect you're describing; I use apidra in a minimed pump. I did find that there were days where my insulin action time was much longer than usual, leading to a similar rise/crash effect, but only after meals. After discovering (I think) that these days always occurred on the third day of an infusion set/cartridge change, I switched to changing my set+insulin every two days instead of three. Haven't seen that since the switch.

By the way, your instinct could certainly be right, but just in the service of Occam's razor, I feel like I should also suggest that perhaps, your sensitivity factor could be set too high and your basals set too low? You could determine if that's the case by doing some extended basal testing.